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Just launched at the be­gin­ning of this month: in­die game Superhot. This first-per­son shooter game puts you into a sim­ple world of whites, blues and greys, with blocky red poly­gon bad­dies gun­ning for you every step you take. But that’s the in­ter­est­ing thing: It re­ally is every step you take, be­cause time only moves when you your­self move. Creep for­ward, and the bad­dies creep for­ward too, bul­lets inch­ing past. Sprint, and the world speeds around you. The game is all about switch­ing be­tween the two, from el­e­gant take­downs to flaw­less bul­let dodg­ing. It re­places the twitch-re­sponse and fran­tic mash­ing of a bor­ing old shoot-em-up with cold, hard logic. How great is that?

$148 from Steam for Win­dows and Mac, su­per­

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