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“It May Be So” (2014)

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Ital­ian artist Francesco Li­etti has been in Hong Kong for 10 years. His art­work in­cor­po­rates cut­tings from magazines.

HK Magazine: How did you start paint­ing

Hong Kong?

Francesco Li­etti: I used to paint back home when I was in Italy, but I stopped when I came to Hong Kong. When I de­cided to stay here, I started to paint more and more. My focus and in­spi­ra­tion changed and I found amaz­ing el­e­ments in the city.

HK: What’s Hong Kong in your eyes?

FL: It’s an in­cred­i­bly col­or­ful, vi­brant, ex­cit­ing and in­spir­ing place—I love Hong Kong! I try to cap­ture the en­ergy and the vibe of this amaz­ing city. I want to por­tray the den­sity, the lay­er­ing, the in­tri­cacy of the ur­ban fab­ric. I want the view­ers to feel my paint­ings truly speak of Hong Kong.

HK: What’s unique about how you see the city?

FL: I guess the style of my paint­ing could be con­sid­ered pretty in­ter­est­ing as I like to mix dif­fer­ent tech­niques. The base is acrylic, to which I add col­laged pieces, pa­per cuts, glue and so on to add tex­ture. Adding pieces of magazines and news­pa­pers from those lo­ca­tions also help to re­in­force these con­nec­tions. I think the text bits add an el­e­ment of fun to the com­po­si­tions and give me the op­por­tu­nity to em­bed mes­sages or thoughts I have on my mind.

Francesco presents his paint­ings on Mar 19-20 at Sai Kung Art And About. Check out face­ or his In­sta­gram @francescol­i­etti for more.

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