“Hav­ing a pe­riod is a choice.”

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The Last Word, Pe­riod

Our on­line story about sick leave for women with pe­riod pains (“Women Pe­ti­tion for Men­strual Leave Ahead of In­ter­na­tional Women’s Day,” Mar 8) in­vited… debate.

If you say women are less ef­fi­cient be­cause they have more leave then you are wrong. Re­mem­ber, hu­mans are not ro­bots.

G Na Sheng

No woman should get un­ques­tioned ex­tra paid leave just be­cause they are hav­ing a pe­riod, which hap­pens 4-5 days every month, which works out to 50 days a year. If they have a le­git­i­mate need to take leave, be it se­vere pains due to flu that af­fects work, or se­vere pains due to men­stru­a­tion that af­fects work, they can get a doc­tor’s note and take sick leave le­git­i­mately.

Al­pha H S Lau

If a fe­male sol­dier can de­fend her coun­try in a third world war zone on her pe­riod and off then you can get a life and get to work.

Jane Lam

Ab­so­lutely not - this is a truly id­i­otic idea and one which will set back any fur­ther shift to­wards work­place equal­ity. Very few women have reg­u­lar cramps that are bad enough to in­ter­fere with the abil­ity to work - and those who do should seek med­i­cal help and take sick leave, which is avail­able to both women and men for all kinds of rea­sons.

Pauline Bur­ton

Here comes the logic for the new ‘Glass Ceil­ing.’ Don’t com­plain when a man makes more money or gets the job you wanted be­cause he will show up and work. It’s about eco­nom­ics, not gen­der this time… what you’re say­ing, is that bi­o­log­i­cally, you can’t com­pete at that level. Em­ploy­ers will re­spond in kind. Hav­ing a pe­riod is a choice to­day. Be­fore you flip out, take a mo­ment to pon­der that last state­ment.

Mike A. Po­teet

Just cu­ri­ous, how is hav­ing a pe­riod a choice? Please do share, be­cause I would love to not lose so much blood, deal with cramps, mood swings, etc with­out de­stroy­ing my body if pos­si­ble.

Shirley Qin

Hav­ing a pe­riod is only a choice for 1) those who can af­ford it and 2) for those whom it is med­i­cally fea­si­ble. I had a pro­voked pul­monary em­bolism due to the birth con­trol pills that al­low you to ‘skip’ your pe­riod. Be­cause of this, I will not be able to use hor­mone based birth con­trol for the rest of my life. So hav­ing a pe­riod is not a “choice” for me. I don’t cur­rently have an in­formed opin­ion about men­strual leave so I won’t com­ment on it. Which is maybe some­thing you should con­sider be­fore you just toss your un­in­formed opin­ion out there. #just­say­ing

Kim Burgess

Fair enough, I’d def­i­nitely take the day off if my willy started bleed­ing

Iain Cocks

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