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Phone Hostage In To Kwa Wan, a man gets on his knees and begs a woman who ap­pears to be his girl­friend to lend him money, but she re­peat­edly turns him down. At one point she turns to leave, but the man steps for­ward and grabs her phone. The woman or­ders him to give the phone back, telling passers-by to call the po­lice. The man slams the hand­set to the ground, send­ing its bat­tery and cover fly­ing, be­fore storm­ing off and leav­ing the woman to pick up the pieces. Po­lice have clas­si­fied the case as crim­i­nal dam­age.


Fan­ling Chain­saw Mas­sacre In the af­ter­noon, two men in their 50s hold­ing chain­saws break into a farm in Shing Ping Vil­lage in Fan­ling and fell 27 agar­wood in­cense trees worth $700,000 and po­ten­tially worth sev­eral mil­lion dol­lars when treated. A worker at the farm dis­cov­ers them and calls the po­lice, who ar­rest the pair at the scene. They sus­pect that the in­ci­dent was re­lated to a rental dis­pute.


Heroic Helper A grand­mother be­comes the vic­tim of a phone scam, in which a con man con­vinces her to de­liver a $150,000 “ran­som” to free her grand­son. She goes to Kowloon City to de­liver the money. But sens­ing that some­thing is off, the woman’s do­mes­tic helper fol­lows the old lady. Just as the grand­mother is about to hand over the cash, the helper bursts out of hid­ing and shouts at the con man, who flees.


Park­ing Rage A Face­book user up­loads a video which goes vi­ral. It is a dash­cam video of a woman stand­ing in an empty park­ing lot in Yuen Long, in an ap­par­ent at­tempt to save it for an in­com­ing ve­hi­cle. The man who posted the video tries to drive into the park­ing space, but the woman stands in his way, wav­ing wildly and re­fus­ing to move. She smacks the car’s hood and in­sists that there is a car com­ing. The driver gets out of the car and shouts ob­scen­i­ties at the woman, be­fore call­ing the po­lice for help. Opin­ions are split on­line, with some ne­ti­zens ac­cus­ing the woman of be­ing un­rea­son­able, and oth­ers prais­ing her for her re­silience in spite of the man’s vul­gar­i­ties.


Ju­ve­nile Be­hav­ior Four men aged be­tween 21 and 32 ap­pear in court, charged with break­ing into a Tin Shui Wai flat while dis­guised in high school uni­forms. The pros­e­cu­tion re­veals that po­lice found a list of some 500 res­i­den­tial ad­dresses across the ter­ri­tory on one of their phones. En­tries on the list were an­no­tated with re­marks such as “bro­ken into,” “peo­ple at home” and “ran for our lives.” The pros­e­cu­tion says that 86 of the 500 units had been bro­ken into, and that an ac­com­plice is still on the run.

THU 10

Puppy Leather At 3pm, a passer-by walk­ing past a Yuen Long vil­lage house ob­serves what ap­pears to be a dog hide hang­ing from the bal­cony. Con­cerned that the owner of the house is sun­ning a freshly skinned hide, he calls the po­lice. Ini­tial in­ves­ti­ga­tions sug­gest the fur is a dec­o­ra­tion, but con­cern groups in­sist that the hide is re­moved for test­ing. The po­lice take two women away for ques­tion­ing, along with the hide.

FRI 11

Fak­ing It A 72-year-old man shares a ta­ble at a restau­rant in Kwun Tong with a 38-year-old woman and her boyfriend. The older man sees what looks like a gun strapped to her waist, and tells her he is call­ing the po­lice in case she hurts some­one. The two ar­gue and the woman gets up to leave, but the older man tries to stop her. The woman draws the pis­tol and points it at the man, be­fore smashing it into his hand. When it hits his hand the weapon splits open and falls to the ground in pieces. Po­lice later de­ter­mine that the “firearm” is a BB gun.

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