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SAT 14

Dog­gone Bas­tard A post to Facebook goes vi­ral: It de­picts a man walk­ing his dog in Tin

Shui Wai who gets im­pa­tient and com­mands it to walk faster. Fed up, he picks up the dog by the scruff of the neck as they cross the road. When they get to the other side, he drops it from waist level to the ground.

SUN 15

Oc­cupy ATM In the morn­ing, two women are found sleep­ing on news­pa­pers in front of an in­door ATM in She­ung Shui. Next to them are a suit­case and two pairs of shoes they have kicked off. A passerby takes a photo of them and up­loads it to Facebook. Not­ing the 24-hour sur­veil­lance and air-con­di­tion­ing, a ne­ti­zen says the women have cho­sen a good spot for their overnight stay.

MON 16

Potty Train­ing Out­side a duty-free store in Tsim Sha Tsui, a young boy bends over as his mother cleans his but­tocks. He has just defe­cated on the ground, and it ap­pears that some­one has stepped on his fe­ces. Passersby are shocked, and some stop to take photos of the boy, who looks con­fused. Ne­ti­zens are out­raged: Some won­der whether the Food and En­vi­ron­men­tal Hy­giene Depart­ment should step in.

TUE 17

Mouse At­tack! At around 1pm, a mouse ap­pears at the back of a Yau Ma Tei-bound MTR train. Sev­eral pas­sen­gers run to­wards the front of the train, away from the mouse. A child walks up to the crea­ture out of cu­rios­ity, which seems to alarm it, caus­ing it to turn around and dash to­wards a row of seats. A woman jumps onto a seat, scream­ing. The mouse runs to­wards the front of the train as pas­sen­gers dart out of its way, and then dis­ap­pears. The MTR says an in­spec­tion re­vealed no mice but they have dis­in­fected the train.

WED 18

Bald Move On a pub­lic bus, a bald man is seen shav­ing with an elec­tric ra­zor. He runs the shaver over his head sev­eral times and later works on his chin. A fel­low pas­sen­ger cap­tures this on his smart­phone and up­loads it to YouTube.

One ne­ti­zen says she’d be hor­ri­fied if she were sit­ting be­hind the bald man, and an­other laments, “You know this is Hong Kong be­cause no­body both­ered to tell him to stop.”

THU 19

Do­mes­tic Vi­o­lence? A photo of a no­tice at a store en­trance goes vi­ral: The no­tice reads in Chi­nese “Boss beaten up by wife, shop closed to­day.” Ne­ti­zens spec­u­late that the no­tice was ac­tu­ally penned by the shop owner’s mis­tress, and one ne­ti­zen sug­gests help­ing the shop owner com­pose a no­tice for the fol­low­ing day: “Wife can’t get enough of giv­ing boss a beat­ing, shop closed for an­other day.”

FRI 20

Noo­dle Pro­tec­tor In a car park, a man sees a black lux­ury car with a red pool noo­dle strapped along its side. He posts a photo of the car to Facebook, de­duc­ing that the noo­dle acts as a bumper to pre­vent dents and scratches from other car doors. A ne­ti­zen sug­gests that the driver should use a black pool noo­dle so it blends better with the car body.

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