Sweet Shiv­ers

It’s heat­ing up fast. Chill out with these 20 frozen treats that will leave your taste buds cool and tin­gling. By Jack McCormack and Danielle Har­ris

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The Van­ish­ing Christ­mas Tree from Honey Crème

Dream of snowier times to dis­tract your­self from the swel­ter­ing heat as you watch Honey Crème adorn and serve you their “Van­ish­ing Christ­mas Tree.” It goes like this: Soft serve plus choco­late and co­coa pow­der, topped with a win­tery fluff of candy floss and mint green syrup. $54, 34 Lee Gar­den Rd., Cause­way Bay, 3525-1264.

For­ever Young Smoothie from Catch Juicery

For all you “clean eat­ing” Hongkongers look­ing for a re­fresher, Catch Juicery is get­ting a lot of at­ten­tion thanks to their de­li­cious raw juices and smooth­ies. Treat your­self to the For­ever Young Smoothie with all-nat­u­ral coconut wa­ter, strawberry, pineap­ple, goji berry and coconut oil. $80, 67 Welling­ton St., Cen­tral, 2567-3677.

Ice Cream Sand­wich from Lit­tle Bao

Your sand­wich needs in Hong Kong change dras­ti­cally once sum­mer hits and that’s OK, be­cause Lit­tle Bao has got you cov­ered. Green tea ice cream and con­densed milk sand­wiched be­tween a deep-fried bao is the only burger we need. $48, G/F, 66 Staunton St., Cen­tral, 2194-0202.

Soft Serve from Eye­scream and Chur­ros

What do you do when you’re crav­ing a cooldown and a de­li­cious Mex­i­can churro? Cater to both of these needs at once at this dessert shop that serves the sug­ary fried dough sticks on top of soft-serve ice cream. $38, Shop B1, G/F, Tak Man Build­ing, 29 Tak Man St., Hung Hom.

Donut Ice Cream Sand­wich from Munchies

Build your own deca­dent ice cream sand­wich with Munchies’ ar­ray of fluffy dough­nuts and ice cream fla­vors. Our fa­vorite combo: clas­sic vanilla ice cream sand­wiched be­tween two sug­ary-sweet lemon strawberry donuts—it’s a calo­rie bomb that’s worth ev­ery bite. $70, 4 Shin Hing St., She­ung Wan, munchies.hk

The Night Wolf from Od­dies Food­ies

The “Night Wolf” com­bines clas­sic gelato with tra­di­tional Hong Kong egg puffs and a twist of pas­sion fruit pan­na­cotta—and thank­fully, it’s just as de­li­cious as it is #food­sta­gram-wor­thy. $52, Shop 1F, 149 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai, 9551-7972.

Spiked Milk­shake from Burger Cir­cus

Need a sum­mer’s day break? Or­der up a spiked milk­shake at Burger Cir­cus. Pick your ice cream fla­vor and this cold and creamy con­coc­tion will make you won­der why you ever wanted to get your al­co­hol fix the ba­sic way. $68, 22 Hol­ly­wood Rd., Cen­tral, burg­er­cir­cus.com.hk

Nice Pops

Ice is nice in the sum­mer. Not only will Nice Pops get you through the Hong Kong heat wave, but their de­li­cious fla­vors also come with a boozy kick. Stock up on a box and stick them in your freezer for the next time you need to cool down, but don’t quite feel like leav­ing the house. Or at least not sober, that is. Var­i­ous lo­ca­tions, nice­pops.hk

Frozen Bowser Co­lada from Chachawan

Coconut lovers re­joice! Chachawan’s new take on an old fa­vorite com­bines the quin­tes­sen­tial essence of a piña co­lada with their de­li­cious home­made coconut ice cream, all in­side of a real coconut shell. $108, 206 Hol­ly­wood Rd., She­ung Wan, 2549-0020.

Strawberry Hokkaido Milk from I See I See

Roll up to I See I See and pick up a de­li­ciously re­fresh­ing Strawberry

Hokkaido Milk ice pop, a new fla­vor that’s al­ready pick­ing up a loyal fol­low­ing. It’s got fruit in it— so it has to be good for you, right? $42, Shop 01, Haven Court, 138 Leighton Rd., Cause­way Bay, 2337-3361.

Or­ganic Rose Choco­late Ice Cream from Ice Cream Gallery

Hand­made daily from top in­gre­di­ents in small batches, it’s no won­der Ice Cream Gallery’s Rose Choco­late ice cream is one of our fa­vorite treats to beat the sum­mer heat. $50, Shop G16, G/F, 311 Glouces­ter Rd., Cause­way Bay, 2366-5116.

The Peanut Gallery from Ele­phant Grounds

A PB&J in the form of an ice cream sand­wich is the crazy de­li­cious dessert you’ll be handed if you or­der The Peanut Gallery at Ele­phant Grounds. Stave off hunger and heat as you scarf down this dreamy con­coc­tion from one of Hong Kong’s fa­vorite coffee shops. $68, Shop C, G/F, 4248 Pater­son St., Fash­ion Walk, Cause­way Bay, 2562-8688.

Matcha Siz­zling Brownie from Sin­mei Tea

Pour a warm matcha mousse onto rich vanilla ice cream perched atop a per­fectly baked brownie and you’ve got your­self a recipe for de­light with the Matcha Siz­zling Brownie. $78, 5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok St., She­ung Wan, 3690-8238.

Oreo Snowflake Ice from Han­bing Korean Dessert

Here’s a dessert to keep you in that chilled-out men­tal­ity: the Oreo Snowflake Ice of­fers the per­fect ra­tio of Oreo cookie shav­ings to sweet ice cream, all atop shaved ice. $85, Shop 4201K, 4/F, Gate­way Ar­cade, Har­bour City, 3-27 Can­ton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 3791-2547.

“Im­pro­vi­sa­tion” from Atum Desser­ant

Snag a spot at Atum Desser­ant and or­der the “Im­pro­vi­sa­tion” set. The pas­try chef uses a huge range of molec­u­lar col­ors, dusts and fla­vors to cre­ate a dish right in front of you. It’s (al­most) too pretty to eat. $328, 16/F, The L. Square, 459-461 Lock­hart Rd., Cause­way Bay, 2956-1411.

Hazel­nut Fudge Ice Cream from Happy Cow

Who says dairy-free peeps are doomed in the heat? Happy Cow Ice Cream is a dairy-free fa­vorite—their hand­crafted hazel­nut fudge might even be better than the real dairy deal. $35 from var­i­ous lo­ca­tions in­clud­ing Baumhaus, 1/F, Kar Yau Build­ing, 36-44 Queen’s Rd. East, Wan Chai, hap­py­cowhk.com

Gelato Cheese­cake Stick from XTC

If you love ice cream and cheese­cake, then XTC has the sum­mer­time treat for you. Rich and creamy, their new­est cre­ation is a sim­ple and tasty way to keep cool on the go. $39, Shop B, 45 Cochrane St., Cen­tral, 2541-0500.

Black Se­same Cream Par­fait from Via Tokyo

The soft twists of this lus­cious black se­same soft-serve are enough to draw us in—and luck­ily, the fla­vors de­liver. Via Tokyo is a crowd fa­vorite, with each ice cream gar­nished with bis­cuits, mochi and sweet nib­bles. $50, Shop 1A-1B, G/F, Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Rd., Cause­way Bay, 2895-1116.

Deluxe Melon Par­fait from I Cre­me­ria

Been look­ing for the real matcha deal? Find it just in time for sum­mer with I Cre­me­ria’s Deluxe Melon Par­fait: matcha and vanilla Hokkaido milk ice cream served in the hol­lowed-out half of a Ja­panese melon. $45, G/F, 67 Welling­ton St., Cen­tral, 2897-1118.

Ice Cream Cone from Emack & Bo­lio’s

You’ll feel like a kid again ev­ery time you walk in this ice cream par­lor: From crazy con­coc­tions like “Space Cake” with short­bread cook­ies and red vel­vet cake to the cones dipped in marsh­mal­lows and stuck with fruit loops and sprin­kles, this is one nos­tal­gic treat that you’ll go back for time and again. $63, 26 Cochrane St., Cen­tral, 2505-6626.

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