“The most stupid ir­re­spon­si­ble thing ever done in HK.”

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We had mixed re­sponses to our on­line story about the com­ple­tion of An­thony Gorm­ley’s “Event Hori­zon” in­stal­la­tion (“‘Event Hori­zon’ Wraps Up Its Hong Kong Leg,” May 27), in which life-size stat­ues were placed around the city— in­clud­ing at top of build­ings.

I loved these fig­ures!! Added to the mys­tic of Hong Kong!!

Rachel Cra­mond

The most stupid ir­re­spon­si­ble thing ever done in HK. For a city plagued by men­tal health is­sues such as de­pres­sion and one of the largest rates of sui­cide, the very fact that this was al­lowed to hap­pen in the name of Art shows just how de­tached the id­iots who com­mis­sioned this are. In the im­mor­tal words of Alf Ste­wart...

“You flam­ing galah’s”. So glad to see them go­ing down. You in­sen­si­tive, ig­no­rant id­iots

Pre­ston Strength

A young wait­ress with a strate­gi­cally placed name card which read “Milk” served us once. I never knew if it was a de­scrip­tion, a re­quest or a com­mand.

An­gus Hardern

Some aren’t even hu­man names

Gam­be­rio Bazz­i­noff

And yours is Hu­man?

Mav­er­ick Ming Thama­ratwiphak

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