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All new in Hong Kong from Dyson, who in­vented those alien-look­ing-but-eeri­ly­ef­fec­tive vac­uum clean­ers, those alien­look­ing-but-eerily-ef­fec­tive fans and those alien-look­ing-but-eerily-ef­fec­tive hand dri­ers: an alien-look­ing-but-eerily-ef­fec­tive hair dryer! The Dyson Su­per­sonic looks like an old-timey mi­cro­phone but it claims to have a su­per-quiet mo­tor that’s eight times faster than other hair dry­ers—and a smart heat con­trol that will get your hair dry with­out burn­ing it. It’s just pos­si­ble that Dyson have done for wet hair what they did for damp hands and dirty floors. Nor­mally I just run a towel through my hair un­til it’s no longer ac­tively drip­ping, but I could be per­suaded. The only catch? It’ll cost you a hefty $3,380 when it launches in July. Maybe I won’t throw away that towel just yet.

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