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Re­sponses on Face­book to last week’s Mr. KnowIt-All col­umn (“Why are there no debit cards in Hong Kong?” June 24, is­sue 1151), in which we ex­plained that while EPS is wide­spread, Visa Debit cards are rarely found in the city. cards, ac­counts etc. That’s up to them, but HK should at least be up front about hav­ing the op­tion to get a debit card rather than per­suad­ing peo­ple oth­er­wise.

Karen Chi­ang

Debit cards are called EPS in hong kong.

Jef­frey Li

Those are not the same debit cards as you have in Europe. I had a debit card which you can use both on­line and off­line. In Hong Kong for on­line pur­chases you have to ap­ply for a credit card.

Narmi Rafi Rah

Not the en­tire Europe. The Nether­lands’ debit card sys­tem is also a bit flawed as in Hong

Kong. You can­not use their Mae­stro “debit cards”, which dom­i­nate the coun­try, on­line for in­ter­na­tional pur­chases (only off­line when the mer­chants ac­cept Mae­stro, ba­si­cally only se­lect ar­eas of the world; and on­line lo­cal Dutch shops). In this re­gard, Hong Kong’s debit card sys­tem is on par with “west­ern” stan­dards. Be­sides, our Oc­to­pus card sys­tem is so much bet­ter than many coun­tries in Europe.

Philip Chau

EPS can­not make on­line pur­chases, can­not pay for a meal at a restau­rant, can­not pay for a ho­tel, rent a car, book a flight... but go ahead. Tell me all about how it’s the same thing.

Ben Olm­sted

so why is there no EPS in europe?

Jan Ching Ching

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