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The Cal­i­for­nia Fit­ness gym chain has closed, leav­ing hun­dreds with­out a gym to work out in. Are you one of the re­cently de-work­outed? You don’t have to join a new gym to pump iron. Just use Hong Kong it­self, which is full of ways to get you worked up and worked out.

Car­dio: Get your heart into shape with these aer­o­bic ex­er­cises.

Once a week: Trail Run­ning. The in­cline on the way to Shek O is a great work­out, and the dis­tance will re­ally keep your heart rate in the fat-burn­ing zone. But what’s re­ally most ef­fec­tive to get your heart work­ing harder is when you chow down on an enor­mous plate of prawns and all the choles­terol clogs your ar­ter­ies.

Once a week: Crunches. Get­ting the bill af­ter a cham­pagne brunch will re­ally get your heart rac­ing, es­pe­cially when you count how many of your friends have done a run­ner with­out pay­ing their share. Sprint out on the bill for an ex­tra burst of adren­a­line.

Twice a week: High In­ten­sity In­ter­val Train­ing. In HIIT, bursts of hard ac­tiv­ity are in­ter­spersed with short rests. To sim­u­late this, try to walk down a Mong Kok street on a Sun­day while weav­ing through slow-mov­ing pedes­tri­ans. Once a week: Bikram Yoga. Bikram “hot” yoga is all the rage. In this style of yoga, the room is heated in or­der to boost the sweat you pro­duce. But yoga classes are ex­pen­sive, and who has the time? Sim­ply don your skin­ni­est jeans and hike up Old Bai­ley Street at noon, and see your sweat flow­ing down­hill behind you.

Gains: Pile on the mus­cle and make mad gains with these Hong Kong pump­ing tips.

Squats, 20 reps, 3 sets. Re­ally give those mus­cles a work­out by squat­ting out­side the Jockey Club read­ing the Rac­ing Post.

Trash cleanup, 15 reps, 3 sets. Lots of bend­ing and reach­ing makes this full-body ex­er­cise very ef­fec­tive. This is a dif­fi­cult move­ment, so make sure some­one’s spot­ting you by scoop­ing up all the trash in a con­ve­nient spot for you first.

Lat Pull­down. In this move, you reach up as far as you can and then pull the gov­ern­ment to its knees! Smash the sys­tem! One set only.

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