“Break­ing the law just makes it more fun”

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Sea Mem­o­ries

Last week Mr. Know-It-All ex­plained the his­tory of The Sea Ranch (“What’s that Odd Clus­ter of Build­ings You See on Lan­tau on the Way to Ma­cau?” July 29, Is­sue 1156), the lux­ury re­sort that fell into dis­re­pair af­ter the money ran out. Face­book read­ers rem­i­nisce…

I was there in 2014, still a lovely place though show­ing its age. Would love to buy there but don’t con­sider HK a safe place to buy any­more ow­ing to the in­evitable fu­ture :-( Mike Quirke Very in­ter­est­ing. I re­mem­ber swimming at the club house many years ago .... Ed­ward Smith Tsk bad fung shui Janet Gil­lies That’s part of my child­hood and home... Shamza Khan Lon­ley? Quiet? Sounds like Par­adise... San­dra Anken­brand It’s heaven..... Mary Ann Ma­maril-Spar­row

Poké­mon No

In last week’s cover story (“You Can’t Do That Here!” July 29, Is­sue 1156), we pointed out that Poké­mon Go play­ers who jay­walked to catch a Poké­mon were break­ing the law. Face­book read­ers were di­vided on their re­sponses.

I don’t play the game, but to those who do, please use some com­mon sense and be aware of your sur­round­ings at all times. Don’t hurt your­self be­cause you weren’t pay­ing at­ten­tion and blame the game. Fred Wong Kill that LIKE but­ton if you also feel sick of this Poke­mon shit and want this game to be banned, same as in some coun­tries. [This post got 7 likes] Adrian Meschah Re­ally? First they banned Hover­boards... Now Poke­mon Go? Kurt B Xan­deriel Im still try­ing my best not to break the law. Game is fun tho. Joy Tu­lauan-Batang Break­ing the law just makes it more fun Raur Moss Man

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