Free Will Astrol­ogy


LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22):

You’re not do­ing a baby chick a fa­vor by help­ing it hatch. For the sake of its well-be­ing, the bird needs to peck its way out of the egg. It’s got to ex­ert all of its vigor and willpower in start­ing its new life. That’s a good metaphor for you to med­i­tate on. As you es­cape from your com­fort­able womb-jail and launch your­self to­ward in­spi­ra­tion, it’s best to rely as much as pos­si­ble on your own in­stincts. Friendly peo­ple who would like to pro­vide as­sis­tance may in­ad­ver­tently cloud your ac­cess to your pri­mal wis­dom. Trust your­self deeply and wildly.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22):

I hear you’re grow­ing weary of wrestling with ghosts. Is that true? I hope so. The mo­ment you give up the fruit­less strug­gle, you’ll be­come el­i­gi­ble for a unique kind of free­dom that you have not pre­vi­ously imag­ined. Here’s an­other ru­mor I’ve caught wind of: You’re get­ting bored with an old source of sad­ness that you’ve used to mo­ti­vate your­self for a long time. I hope that’s true, too. As soon as you shed your al­le­giance to the sad­ness, you will awaken to a sparkling font of com­fort you’ve been blind to. Here’s one more story I’ve picked up through the grapevine: You’re close to re­al­iz­ing that your at­ten­tion to a medi­ocre trea­sure has di­verted you from a more plea­sur­able trea­sure. Hal­lelu­jah!

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):

Could it be true that the way out is the same as the way in? And that the so-called “wrong” an­swer is al­most in­dis­tin­guish­able from the right an­swer? And that suc­cess, at least the kind of suc­cess that re­ally mat­ters, can only hap­pen if you adopt an up­side-down, in­side-out per­spec­tive? In my opin­ion, the right­eous an­swer to all th­ese ques­tions is “YESSS???!!!”—at least for now. I sus­pect that the most help­ful ap­proach will never be as sim­ple or as hard as you might be in­clined to be­lieve.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21):

Your strength seems to make some peo­ple un­com­fort­able. I don’t want that to be­come a prob­lem for you. Maybe you could get away with ton­ing down your po­tency at other times, but not now. It would be sin­ful to act as if you’re not as com­pe­tent and com­mit­ted to ex­cel­lence as you are. But hav­ing said that, I also urge you to mon­i­tor your be­hav­ior for ex­cess pride. Some of the re­sis­tance you face when you ex­press your true glory may be due to the shad­ows cast by your true glory. You could be tempted to be­lieve that your hon­or­able in­ten­tions ex­cuse se­cre­tive ma­nip­u­la­tions. So please work on wield­ing your clout with max­i­mum com­pas­sion and re­spon­si­bil­ity.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):

Did you hon­estly imag­ine that there would even­tu­ally come a fu­ture when you’d have your loved ones fully “trained”? Did you fan­ta­size that sooner or later you could get them un­der con­trol, purged of their im­per­fec­tions and tele­path­i­cally re­spon­sive to your ev­ery mood? If so, now is a good time to face the fact that those long­ings will never be ful­filled. You fi­nally have the equa­nim­ity to ac­cept your loved ones ex­actly as they are. Un­co­in­ci­den­tally, this ad­just­ment will make you smarter about how to stir up soul­ful joy in your in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships.

CAPRI­CORN (Dec 22-Jan 19):

You may ex­pe­ri­ence a di­vine vis­i­ta­tion as you clean a toi­let in the com­ing weeks. You might get a glimpse of a so­lu­tion to a nag­ging prob­lem while you’re pet­ting a donkey or pay­ing your bills or wait­ing in a long line at the bank. Catch my drift, Capri­corn? I may or may not be speak­ing metaphor­i­cally here. You could med­i­tate up a per­fect storm as you de­vour a dough­nut. While fly­ing high over the earth in a dream, you might spy a trea­sure hid­den in a pile of trash down be­low. If I were go­ing to give your im­me­di­ate fu­ture a mythic ti­tle, it might be “Find­ing the Sa­cred in the Midst of the Pro­fane.”

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 19):

I’ve worked hard for many years to dis­man­tle my prej­u­dices. To my credit, I have even man­aged to cul­ti­vate com­pas­sion for peo­ple I pre­vi­ously de­mo­nized, like evan­gel­i­cal Chris­tians, drunken jocks, ar­ro­gant gu­rus, and ca­reer politi­cians. But I must con­fess that there’s still one group to­ward which I’m big­oted: su­per-rich bankers. I wish I could ex­tend to them at least a mod­icum of ami­able im­par­tial­ity. How about you, Aquarius? Do you har­bor any hide­bound bi­ases that shrink your abil­ity to see life as it truly is? Have you so thor­oughly ra­tio­nal­ized cer­tain nar­row-minded per­spec­tives and judg­men­tal pre­con­cep­tions that your mind is per­ma­nently closed? If so, now is a fa­vor­able time to dis­solve the bar­ri­ers and stretch your imag­i­na­tion way be­yond its pre­vi­ous lim­its.

PISCES (Feb 18-Mar 20):

Are you lin­ger­ing at the crux of the cross­roads, rest­less to move on but un­sure of which di­rec­tion will lead you to your sweet destiny? Are there too many the­o­ries swimming around in your brain, clog­ging up your in­tu­ition? Have you ab­sorbed the opin­ions of so many “ex­perts” that you’ve lost con­tact with your own core val­ues? It’s time to change all that. You’re ready to qui­etly ex­plode in a calm burst of prac­ti­cal lu­cid­ity. First steps: Tune out all the noise. Shed all the ra­tio­nal­iza­tions. Purge all the wor­ries. Ask your­self, “What is the path with heart?”

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19):

I apol­o­gize in ad­vance for the seem­ingly ex­ces­sive abun­dance of good news I’m about to re­port. If you find it hard to be­lieve, I won’t hold your skep­ti­cism against you. But I do want you to know that ev­ery pre­dic­tion is war­ranted by the astrological omens. Ready for the on­slaught? 1. In the com­ing weeks, you could fall for­ever out of love with a waste­ful ob­ses­sion. 2. You might also start fall­ing in love with a healthy ob­ses­sion. 3. You can half-ac­ci­den­tally snag a bless­ing you have been half-afraid to want. 4. You could re­call a cat­alytic truth whose ab­sence has been caus­ing you a prob­lem ever since you for­got it. 5. You could re­claim the mojo that you squan­dered when you pushed your­self too hard a few months ago.

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20):

Au­gust is Adopta-Taurus month. It’s for all of your tribe, not just the or­phans and ex­iles and dis­owned rebels. Even if you have ex­em­plary par­ents, the cur­rent astrological omens sug­gest that you re­quire ad­di­tional sup­port and guid­ance from wise el­ders. So I urge you to be au­da­cious in round­ing up trust­wor­thy guardians and bene­fac­tors. Go in search of men­tors and fairy god­moth­ers. Ask for ad­vice from he­roes who are fur­ther along the path that you’d like to fol­low. You are ready to re­ceive teach­ings and di­rec­tion you weren’t re­cep­tive to be­fore.

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20):

When a par­a­site or other ir­ri­tant slips in­side an oys­ter’s shell, the mol­lusk’s im­mune sys­tem be­sieges the in­truder with suc­ces­sive lay­ers of cal­cium car­bon­ate. Even­tu­ally, a pearl may form. I sus­pect that this is a use­ful metaphor for you to con­tem­plate in the com­ing days as you deal with the salt in your wound or the splin­ter in your skin. Be­fore you jump to any con­clu­sions, though, let me clar­ify. This is not a case of the plat­i­tude, “What­ever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” Keep in mind that the pearl is a sym­bol of beauty and value, not strength.

CAN­CER (Jun 21-Jul 22):

It’s your lucky day! Spir­i­tual coun­sel com­pa­ra­ble to what you’re read­ing here usu­ally sells for $99.95. But be­cause you’re show­ing signs that you’re primed to out­wit bad habits, I’m of­fer­ing it at no cost. I want to en­cour­age you! Be­low are my ideas for what you should fo­cus on. (But keep in mind that I don’t ex­pect you to achieve ab­so­lute per­fec­tion.) 1. Wean your­self from in­dulging in self-pity and ro­man­ti­cized pes­simism. 2. With­draw from con­nec­tions with peo­ple who har­bor neg­a­tive images of you. 3. Tran­scend low ex­pec­ta­tions wher­ever you see them in play. 4. Don’t give your pre­cious life en­ergy to de­mor­al­iz­ing ideas and sour opin­ions.

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