“She should play candy crush with some young boys too…”

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It’s a Date!

We listed a num­ber of ways to woo your date in our cover story last week (“Top 8 Hong

Kong Date Ideas to Woo the Ob­ject of Your Af­fec­tions,” Au­gust 5, Is­sue 1157). Re­sponses ranged from the de­lighted, to the jaded, to the Trumpian.

Dat­ing sucks :P ev­ery­one will try to show “their best side” only - and af­ter a few days or weeks you’ll see the ‘true ver­sion’ - It’s not an ideal way to find out if you se­ri­ously fit to­gether ;)

Kai Seif­ferth

I read this... Dear me, made me laugh so hard.

Daniel Man


Samer Nisr Shim

Just show the money u will get wat u want even u fat and ugly.

Ever­to­nian Danilo

Yo, just two ideas: be white and rich. Done.

Gam­be­rio Bazz­i­noff Poké­mon Gone

Last week on Sav­age Love (“My Hus­band Plays Poké­mon Go With A Young Girl Un­til 5am. What Can I Do?” Au­gust 5, Is­sue 1157), we talked about the power of Poké­mon Go and whether it af­fects re­la­tion­ships. Face­book read­ers ei­ther of­fered sug­ges­tions for the cou­ple, or were too busy play­ing...

Is that what they call it these days??? “Play­ing Poke­mon Go”?

An­drea Lo

Yea honey, that’s what we were do­ing, we were play­ing Poke­mon Go, hon­est!

Mike Quirke

She should play candy crush with some young boys too…

Henry Law

If she’s hot, let him have her

Tony Chan

You can play some­thing else with a young man.

Ricky Hon

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