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SAT 30 Fly­ing into a Rage A fe­male pas­sen­ger on board a Cathay Pa­cific flight gets into a dis­pute with cabin crew af­ter be­ing told that in­flight meals for chil­dren are not avail­able. En­raged, she throws or­ange juice at a flight at­ten­dant. She is ar­rested on her ar­rival at Hong Kong.

SUN 31 Poké­mon OH! A teenager is play­ing Poké­mon Go when he ac­ci­den­tally drops his mo­bile phone into Lam Tsuen River in Tai Po. He wades into the river to re­trieve his phone but is un­able to climb back out. He is even­tu­ally res­cued by passersby.

MON 1 False Alarm A large group of young peo­ple gath­ers near the Peo­ple’s Lib­er­a­tion Army Hong Kong Gar­ri­son in Cen­tral amid height­ened po­lice pres­ence at the venue, where an of­fi­cial event is in ses­sion. Alerted to the pos­si­bil­ity that they may be lo­cal­ist pro­test­ers, po­lice of­fi­cers rush to the scene—only to dis­cover that the sus­pects are in fact Poké­mon “train­ers.”

TUE 2 Good Neigh­bors A dozen head of cat­tle oc­cupy a canopy out­side a po­lice sta­tion on Lan­tau Is­land as Typhoon Nida strikes the city. No ac­tion is taken by po­lice of­fi­cers, who al­low the cat­tle to shel­ter.

WED 3 Free Fall An el­e­va­tor at HKU MTR sta­tion on Pok­fu­lam Road drops two floors af­ter reach­ing ground level. The el­e­va­tor con­tin­ues to sway as its four pas­sen­gers await res­cue. Five min­utes later, the el­e­va­tor re­turns to ground level and the pas­sen­gers leave un­scathed.

THU 4 Poor Pom Up­set with its be­hav­ior, woman leaves her Pomera­nian out­side her Tsz Wan Shan apart­ment block. Some teenagers see this and let the dog into the lobby. The woman is out­raged. When the teenagers of­fer to buy the dog from her, she is en­raged fur­ther. She snatches the dog off the ground and, en­ter­ing the lift, slams the pet to the el­e­va­tor floor. Po­lice are called to the scene.

FRI 5 Cards Not Ac­cepted A photo up­loaded to Face­book goes vi­ral: A minibus pas­sen­ger mis­tak­enly drops his Oc­to­pus card into the coin pay box. Com­menters ex­press sym­pa­thy, say­ing they’ve all been there.

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