“Is there a bright side to HK show­biz?”

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Wel­come to the Dark Side

“Not many peo­ple know about the darker side of the busi­ness,” said ac­tress and co­me­dian Joyce Chen in our in­ter­view (“First Per­son,” Au­gust 12, is­sue 1158). Face­book read­ers dis­agreed…

Her last name seems like it’s from main­land China. Was she paid to say this? Back­stage is al­ways a dif­fer­ent story, ev­ery­where. If she stayed in Toronto, it would be the same story. En­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try world­wide is like this, is it not? Che­ung Colleen

Well all Chi­nese peo­ple have “main­land China” sound­ing last names be­cause our an­ces­tors were from China. But that doesn’t meant she’s from China, she’s from HK. That’s kind of ig­no­rant the way you made that state­ment. And she just sim­ply ex­plained what the busi­ness is like in HK. She’s not com­par­ing it to the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try in other places. Jen Lok

Why so prej­u­diced. You are mak­ing such an un­fair as­sump­tion. Be­sides not ev­ery­one who comes from the same re­gion is the same. When can peo­ple fi­nally un­der­stand this? Yimin Huang

Every­body knows about the dark side of Hong Kong show­biz. Who is she try­ing to kid? It gets a lot darker than you’re able to de­scribe in a fam­ily pub­li­ca­tion too. Dar­rell Painter

Lol not even any­thing unique re­ally, Hol­ly­wood so clean and straight? Lmao Gary Lam

Most peo­ple know about HK’s dark side ... And who did what to get where they are. Ali­son Tam

Is there a bright side to HK show­biz? Snag­gle­pus Rex

Lol @ jaded com­ments El­liot Rodgers

Cry me a river... Go pick up cans and car­ton boxes. Ssh­h­h­h­hhh Gam­be­rio Bazz­i­noff

Break news: The Earth is not flat. Andy Ori­men­tal Pong

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