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Jacks is be­lieved to have stemmed from Mon­go­lia’s sha­gai, goats’ an­kle bones used in games and for­tune-telling, but in this vari­ant the bones are re­placed by five stones or bean­bags. To make your own set of hand-sewn jacks, all you need is some odd bits of cloth—cut un­wanted T-shirts into strips—and a hand­ful of mung beans. Sew the cloth into five pouches and fill with beans or rice to make the jacks.

How to Play

Throw a jack into the air, grab another from the ta­ble and catch both on your palm. Lay one aside and re­peat. The dif­fi­culty in­creases as you grab more and more jacks un­til you have all five in your hand.

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