Adam White is go­ing from fat to fit with a tai­lored well­ness pro­gram with the Pure Group.

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I think I’ve found what works for me.

At my Pure Fit­ness gym there’s a whole floor ded­i­cated to what’s called “strong­man” train­ing. For­get the fancy ma­chines with their pul­leys and ca­bles: Here you pick up heavy stuff and move it around. Sim­ple, if not al­ways el­e­gant. But man, is it ad­dic­tive.

Wit­ness the dead­lift: All you do is pick a bar­bell up from the floor. Your legs groan, your arms heave, and sud­denly it snaps up to waist height.

Or the bar­bell squat: Stick the bar­bell on your back, squat down and up, and hope your quads don’t give out by rep num­ber 10.

Or the sled push, where you load weights onto a metal plat­form and push it back and forth along a car­peted track. The car­pet pro­vides re­sis­tance, the weights make it harder—and you can’t do two lengths be­fore your heart is ham­mer­ing at your ribs look­ing for a way out.

It’s hard, yes. But there’s a gen­uine, vis­ceral sat­is­fac­tion to these kinds of ex­er­cises. A real sense of achieve­ment. The knowl­edge that, us­ing noth­ing but your body, you have hauled these ob­jects off the ground, slammed this sled up and down the track. When I do it, I feel, ever so briefly, like I AM A MAN!

Of course, when I look around me I’m soon hum­bled. The room is full of peo­ple lift­ing twice, three times, four times what I weigh—men and women alike. But, I re­al­ize, they’re not judg­ing. We all started from the same place. And they’re too busy to spend time laugh­ing at my strug­gle.

My PT, Felix, points out that these ex­er­cises go beyond just mak­ing you feel good. They’re also some of the best ex­er­cises I could be do­ing be­cause they em­ploy the whole body. I’m not just work­ing on get­ting my­self some sweet, sweet bi­ceps—I’m forc­ing ev­ery mus­cle in my body to work for it.

And as I pull my heav­i­est dead­lift yet, the fire of achieve­ment runs through my blood. To­day, I think to my­self, I AM A MAN!

Next to me, a woman a quar­ter my size with abs of what I as­sume are some kind of ti­ta­nium al­loy lifts twice what I just did. She doesn’t even break a sweat.

Well, it was good while it lasted.

It’s hard, yes. But there’s a vis­ceral sat­is­fac­tion.”

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