The Pol­lu­tion Check­list

Air pol­lu­tion has re­ally ramped up in Hong Kong over the last few days, ap­par­ently due to the ap­proach of Ty­phoon Megi. But you don’t have to worry: We’ve put to­gether a check­list that should help pro­tect you from the nas­ti­est of the ef­fects.

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Have Donned you...a face mask? In­stalled a fil­ter in your air-con unit? Re­fused to leave the house for the next two weeks? Wrapped your en­tire body in cling film to pre­vent con­tam­i­na­tion? Pur­chased a bal­loon full of air claim­ing to be from Bhutan? Scalped an iPhone 7, be­cause they cure ev­ery­thing?

Her­met­i­cally sealed off Lamma Is­land so it’s even more re­mote than ever be­fore?

Used the hazy yel­low air as an ef­fect to boost the arti­ness of your In­sta­gram feed?

Sac­ri­ficed your first-born to the God of Small Par­tic­u­lates? Moved to Bei­jing to build up a nat­u­ral re­sis­tance to pol­lu­tion? Emailed Elon Musk to ask whether you can join his Mars mis­sion? Put one of your lungs into cold stor­age?

De­cided not to have chil­dren, in case they emerge ad­dicted to that sweet, sweet pol­lu­tion?

Pur­chased cheap brown-tinted glasses so the world looks dark and smoggy all the time any­way?

Taken up smok­ing, be­cause then at least you know where the em­phy­sema is com­ing from?

Blamed CY Le­ung for it, again?

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