“I to­tally read ‘big butts’”

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Per­ilous Rides Last week’s Blow­ing Water (Sep 23, Is­sue 1164) was “Red Peril”: The ter­ror of flag­ging down a red minibus be­cause their driv­ers are drag rac­ing ma­ni­acs and you don’t know how to get off. Face­book read­ers agreed…

One ride on a minibus and I un­der­stood why the bus had seat belts. Marie Jost

lol...ex­actly like me...i dont know how to get off!! Tinny Tien Try Mm goi, Yau Lok! Pass­able Can­tonese for “ex­cuse me, get off”. Wal­ter Scheib­ner Rain­bow Con­nec­tions Last week we in­ter­viewed Alex See of The Har­mon­ics, an LGBTI and ally choir (“Up­close,” Sep 23, Is­sue 1164). A Face­book reader flies the rain­bow flag:

Alex is right when he said in this piece there is very lit­tle ed­u­ca­tion about

HK’s LGBTI com­mu­nity here in this city. A semi-re­cent sur­vey con­ducted by Bar­clays in 2012 re­vealed 80% of HK’s pop­u­la­tion claim they don’t know any LGBTI peo­ple. The thing is... they dothey just don’t know they are gay. 80%! No won­der this city is so far be­hind on equal rights and other is­sues that af­fect the LGBTI com­mu­nity. The sta­tus quo know vir­tu­ally noth­ing about us­and it’s 2016! This is why it’s im­por­tant so­cial groups like The Har­mon­ics ex­ist. They can bridge the gap and help cre­ate a di­a­logue through the uni­ver­sal lan­guages of mu­sic and love. Con­grats Alex See and the other choir mem­berskeep up the great work! Evan Steer What What in the Sutt Face­book read­ers liked our ar­ti­cle on the city’s best bing sutt restau­rants old and new (“What’s Up, Bing Sutt?” Sep 16, Is­sue 1163): Although one reader had a bit of trou­ble.

Kam Kee Cafe (金記冰室) has a branch in Sharp St., Cause­way Bay. Its decor de­lib­er­ately re­sem­bles the old tram ter­mi­nus and the Lee theatre that used to be there. Keith Yuen I to­tally read “big butts” Wes­ley Fung

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