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Can­topop singer tells Sophia Lam about the theme of her up­com­ing con­cert, Hong Kong’s ob­ses­sion with “god­desses,” and re­veals her se­cret tal­ent.

Orig­i­nally I wanted to name it “Joyce Cheng: I Have a Prob­lem”, but then the com­pany thought adding in “god­dess” sounds more in­ter­est­ing, so what­ever. I re­ally love the dou­ble mean­ing in this— it can be an in­qui­si­tion, but it can also mean “some­thing’s wrong with me.” I want to let peo­ple know that it’s OK not to be OK.

I don’t think it’s a good thing. Be­fore my song “God­dess,” I thought a girl had to be per­fect—tall and skinny with huge boobs, a firm butt and big eyes—to be a “god­dess.” But now the term has been abused to an ex­tent that you feel there’s some­thing wrong with you if you don’t fit those qual­i­ties. Which is why I hope to rede­fine the term with my song, by telling peo­ple ev­ery­one is born as a god­dess; it’s just that we for­get how to ap­pre­ci­ate our­selves as we grow up.

It was last night [starts singing “We Don’t Talk Any­more”].

This one time I was go­ing to re­ceive an award for my song “Thin Enough?”—it was my first dance song. At the high point of the song,

I kicked my leg up and my jump­suit ripped at the, uh, crotch-slash-butt area. I was wear­ing black un­der­wear though, and the jump­suit was black so you couldn’t re­ally tell...

The steady hum of a re­ally cold air-con­di­tioner—I know it’s so not eco-friendly, but my hair won’t have it any other way.

I can burp re­ally, re­ally loudly. It’s like a rum­ble, like a roar. I can’t do it on com­mand though, but when I do burp, it’s like YOU’LL KNOW.

It was last night, when I was Face­tim­ing my best friend Al­fred and we were pre­tend­ing to la-a-ag. It was re­ally stupid but su­per fun.

Catch Joyce Cheng in “God­dess Has a Prob­lem” on Oct 21-22, 8:30pm at Star Hall, KITEC, 1 Trade­mart Drive, Kowloon Bay, $280-580 from hk­tick­et­

Joyce Cheng HK Mag­a­zine: What in­spired you to call your con­cert “God­dess Has a Prob­lem”?

Joyce Cheng: HK: What do you think of so­ci­ety’s ob­ses­sion with the term “God­dess”? JC: HK: When’s the last time you sang in the shower? JC: HK: What was your worst slip-up on stage? JC: HK: What’s your fa­vorite Hong Kong noise? JC: HK: What’s your se­cret tal­ent that only a few know? JC: HK: When’s the last time you laughed re­ally hard?


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