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FIRED EARTH TILES offers an extensive and beautiful range of high-quality, hand-decorated wall and floor tiles. Available in modern and traditional styles, the tiles are sourced from all around the world, and are ideal for both residential and commercial interiors. Combining the timeless beauty and durability of natural materials, the company’s wide range of natural stone, terracotta and slate flooring is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Wood flooring and Fired Earth's own brand of paints are also available. In addition, Fired Earth has a full range of bathroom fittings and accessories to suit all requirements. Similarly, its handcrafted kitchen units, when combined with its wall and floor tiles, will create an individual kitchen for any home. For more information about Fired Earth’s range of products, visit the showroom in Wan Chai.

FIRED EA RTH TILES 提供各式漂亮而質優的手繪製牆磚和地磚,產品搜羅自世界各地,備有現代和傳統的設計,家居或商用皆宜。Fired Earth的天然石地磚、陶土地磚和石板地磚美觀耐用,用於室內或室外都非常適合;公司亦同時經銷木地板及自家出品的油漆。此外,公司也提供各種類別的浴室設備及裝置,迎合不同需要。Fired Earth還推出以人手製造的廚房系列,再配合其牆磚和地磚,為各式居所打造出獨一無二的煮食空間。Fired Earth的貨品多不勝數,歡迎親臨位於灣仔的陳列室參觀選購。

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