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Veranda specialises in high quality interior fabrics, leathers, wallcoverings and furniture, supplying to five-star hotels and luxury residential projects across Europe and Asia. It is the exclusive agent for a number of renowned, premier soft furnishing brands, including Agena, Dedar, Foresti and Mila Schon, Giardini from Italy, Glant and Tiger Leather from the US, Alhambra and Pepe Peñalver from Spain, Andrew Muirhead from Scotland, Bradley Collection from England, Hermès La Maison, Elitis, Le Crin, Metaphores and Verel De Belval from France, and Kobe from the Netherlands. All of these are best-selling brands favoured by internationally renowned interior designers and architects. Veranda offers a full design and decorating consultancy service, and will custom-make curtains, furniture and sofas to any design.

Veranda專營優質布料、皮革、牆飾和傢具,供應給歐洲及亞洲地區的5星級酒店和豪宅。Veranda也是多個著名軟家品品牌的獨家代理,包括意大利Agena、Dedar、Foresti和Mila Schon、Giardini、美國的Glant和Tiger Leather、西班牙的Alhambra和Pepe Peñalver、蘇格蘭的Andrew Muirhead、英國的Bradley Collection、法國的Hermès La Maison、Elitis、Le Crin、Metaphores和Verel De Belval、荷蘭的Kobe。很多國際知名的室內設計師和建築師都樂意選用這些暢銷的品牌產品。Veranda亦提供大量配飾及全面的設計和裝潢顧問服務,更可按顧客的設計和要求訂製窗簾、傢具和沙發。

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