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Established in 1985, the Professional Lock Centre Company Limited (PLC) is the sole agent for many well known international lock brands. It also owns several lockand-door hardware brands, many of which have been awarded safety certificates that exceed international security standards. PLC’S reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism is unrivalled. Its comprehensive range of products and services covers residential digital locks, mechanical lockware for commercial use, as well as a range of master key planning systems, such as the Mul-t-lock Masterpiece System from Israel. PLC’S range includes Samsung SMAR T Doorlock, Medeco, Rocky Mountain, Bellhorn, Adel and Anchor Las.

Professional Lock Centre Company Limited (PLC) 成立於1985年,是多個國際知名鎖類品牌的本地獨家代理,並擁有數個鎖類和門鎖品牌,大部分均獲安全證明,超越國際保安水平。PLC一向以優質、信譽、專業見稱,其全面的產品系列和服務覆蓋住宅用的智能門鎖、商業用的機械鎖,還有帶來一系列萬能匙系統,如來自以色列的Mul-t-lock Masterpiece System。PLC旗下品牌還包括Samsung SMART Doorlock、Medeco、Rocky Mountain、Bellhorn、Adel和Anchor Las。

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