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THAKRAL ELEC TRONICS carries a large selection of modern home appliances from leading contemporary brands, such as Korean brand Winia, which produces an innovative airwasher. The Winia airwasher is an air purifier that cleans air through a technology that utilises Bio Silver Stone (BSS ), a mineral that contains a negative ion and farinfrared radiation energy. BSS emits a regular bionic wave that's good for body’s metabolism and immune system as it kills up to 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. The airwasher sucks air into water, cleanses it through BSS and pushes clean air back out via plasma technology – making the home environment cleaner and healthier for the whole family.

THAKRAL ELECTRONICS帶來頂尖當代品牌的多款精選現代家居電器,如韓國品牌Winia生產的嶄新空氣清洗器。Winia空氣清洗器能透過具有負離子及遠紅外線能量的BSS礦物銀石技術清洗空氣。BSS能有規律地發出仿生波,殺滅達99.9%病菌和細菌,增強免疫系統、加快新陳代謝。空氣清洗器將空氣吸入水中,透過BSS進行淨化,再以等離子體技術推出潔淨空氣,為整家人打造清潔健康的生活環境。

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