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POET AUDIO is a high-end manufacturer of superlative speakers, amplifiers and wireless streaming technology. Developed by world-famous Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner and a team of Poet Audio engineers and musicians, Pandoretta uses Bluetooth and Airplay technology to stream from compatible devices. It has a built-in 170W class D amplifier and seven dedicated speakers that offer an incredible 360-degree sound and comes in stainless steel with an oak base. The new Concordetta has three independent drivers that reproduce a 180-degree, high-quality sound, a built-in 120W, class D amplifier and can be controlled via smartphones or a wireless network. It comes in a choice of different materials.

POET AUDIO是高級喇叭、擴音器和無線串流科技產品的頂尖製造商。Pandoretta由舉世知名的奧地利設計師Thomas Feichtner和Poet Audio工程師團隊、音樂家操刀打造而成,利用藍芽和Airplay科技與兼容的智能裝置連結串流。產品內置170W D級擴音器和7個專業喇叭,發放出完美的360度音色,配備拉絲不 鋼外殼及實心橡木座。全新的Concordetta配備三個獨立驅動裝置和內置120W D級擴音器,能重現出180度優越音質。產品可透過智能手機或無線電腦網絡操控,並帶來三種用料款式選擇。

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