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PANASONIC KITCHEN CABINET comes in a selection of styles and a wide range of colours to suit different types of decor. Panasonic’s newly designed floor cabinets are crafted to make use of every inch of space and allow for easy access. They are fitted with a sturdy stainless steel base that can easily be detached for cleaning. Drawers are produced with the ideal height and size for storing myriad necessities, and are fitted with adjustable dividers and storage trays. A buffer function ensures they close smoothly and quietly. The convenient elevation shelf places items within reach. The elevating hanging cabinet comes in four widths and has an interior switch that controls elevation based on storage weight.

PANASONIC KITCHEN CABINET帶來多種不同風格的廚櫃設計,並讓你自由挑選不同色彩,迎合各式室內設計裝潢。Panasonic新設計的底櫃充分善用所有空間,方便存取物品。地櫃附有堅固的不 鋼底座,方便拆下清理。抽屜高度剛好適合收納所需物品,並包括收納盤設計和可調整式間隔架,提高收納效率。方便使用的升降吊架令用家更容易取用物件。升降吊櫃設有4種闊度尺寸選擇,櫃內的設換掣更可根據收納量控制承托物件的不同升降力度。

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