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The PANASONIC My Chef Steam Combination Oven (Model NN-CS894B) gives you the option to cook food in a variety of ways – steam, grill, bake and microwave in one neat, flat-fronted, modern black mirror screen unit. Steaming is a great way to prepare food as it retains moisture, nutrients and flavour. With the My Chef Steam Combination Oven, you can cook by pure steaming as well as combining steam with convection baking or with micro power. High-density turbo steam is injected into the oven, which quickly heats food and enables professional steaming. There is also a 40°C ferment function for dough fermentation and an auto menu with 50 categories – all of which is controlled by a swipe on the electrostatic touch panel.

PANASONIC My Chef多功能蒸氣焗爐 (型號: NN-CS894B) 集多功能於一身,具備蒸、烤、焗烹調模式,並採用黑色鏡面爐門設計,時尚動人。選用My Chef多功能蒸氣焗爐,你可使用純蒸氣烹調健康美食,亦可選擇蒸焗或蒸氣微波烹調。以蒸氣烹調食物能保存食物中的水分、營養和鮮味。特強噴注式蒸氣設計讓食物迅速均勻加熱,令蒸煮效果更出色。特設40°C烤焗功能,適用於發酵麵團,並內置50款自動食譜烹調,只需在電子輕觸式屏幕上輕輕一滑便可操作。

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