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UNICO produces a range of stylish home kitchen equipment that was previously only available for commercial kitchens. Among its star products is a powerful and versatile collection of cooking ranges that cater to both Asian and Western methods of cooking, as well as the Unico MBQ Stove. The top-performing MBQ Gas Stove is a new model in Unico’s Counterline series, and combines Western-style burners and grills into one neat, easy-to-use unit. It has a compact design with a flame power that allows you to cook like a professional chef in your very own home kitchen.

UNICO致力生產一系列以往只會出現在專業商用廚房的時尚家用廚房設備。品牌的星級產品包括多款強力的煮食爐具,迎合中西烹調方式, Unico MBQ Stove當然也絕無例外。效能優越的MBQ Gas Stove屬Unico’s Counterline系列中的新型號,將西式爐頭和燒烤爐集於一身,使用簡單輕鬆。爐身設計小巧但火力強大,讓你能隨時在家中廚房化身專業大廚炮製各款美食。

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