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VARENNA produces a broad range of contemporary kitchens designed for myriad compositions. They come in a wide choice of materials, colours and finishes to meet a variety of preferences and requirements, and are created to be as flexible as possible so that home owners can express individuality. Designed by CR&S Varenna, the Phoenix 1 kitchen has sleek lines that are accentuated by slim, handle-free modules, and comes with an island with a 6 mm thick steel worktop as well as newly designed handles. A mix of materials and colours, such as dark grey melamine, embossed lacquered doors and integrated table in walnut c. solid wood, contribute further to its contemporary appeal.

VARENNA致力生產出一系列揉合各式組件的當代廚房,帶來多種物料、色彩和修飾選擇,迎合不同喜好和要求,並盡可能設計至最高等級的靈活彈性,反映屋主的獨特個性。由CR&S Varenna設計的Phoenix 1廚房線條俐落,以纖幼無柄組件結合而成,中島附6毫米厚工作鋼檯及新設計手柄。產品揉合不同物料和色彩而成,如深灰色密胺樹脂、浮雕焗漆門和胡桃實木綜合桌,源源散發當代魅力。

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