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門窗專家捷成專門設計、製作、供應和安裝多款門窗系統。公司與建築師和設計師緊密合作,幫助他們了解心目中的理想設計概念,並提供一流專業的安裝服務。捷成的窗戶產品能有效減低噪音、隔熱,並符合香港屋宇署制定的風力荷載標準。Technal門窗系統包括垂直開關窗戶、趟門、摺門、隔熱窗系統和避彈窗等。除此之外,捷成還代理Gradhermetic 2合1百葉簾窗具、Groke特製鋁門、德國製Solarlux雙邊折疊門,是唯一一道達3.5米高的門扇。 Window specialist CHIT SHING designs, fabricates, supplies and installs a variety of windows and door systems. The company works closely with major architects and designers to help them realise their design concepts as well as to provide professional installation services. Chit Shing’s window products reduce noise and heat and meet the wind load standards required by the Hong Kong Building Department. The Technal Window system includes casement windows, sliding and folding doors, thermo break windows and bulletproof windows. Chit Shing also carries the Gradhermetic custom aluminium doors by Groke, which features two-in-one shutter and louver, and the German-made Solarlux bi-folding door, which is the only door that goes as high as 3.5 metres.

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