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Unico produces a wide range of professional kitchen equipment as well as indispensable items for the outdoors. Invite friends and family for a cookout and fire up some burgers and sausages on the Unico BBQ gas stove. Depending on your dish, grill on briquettes or a perforated and angled stainless steel plate. The barbecue conveniently comes with a mobile stand on wheels, and features rain gutters around the doors and drawers, which keeps utensils safely stowed away. There’s also a flip-up countertop that doubles as a handy prep space.

Unico致力打造一系列專業廚房設備,以及不可缺少的戶外產品。選用Unico的氣體燒烤爐大展身手,請家人朋友來個燒烤派對吧!你可因應不同食材,選擇以炭磚或在透孔不 鋼板上烘烤。燒烤爐的活動式底座設有滑輪,方便隨意移動,而用作收藏用具的櫃和抽屜,在邊位設有流水槽,無論晴雨,都可安心擺放用具;兩旁的可揭式工作檯面,即讓你有更多準備食物的空間。

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