With be­spoke cock­tails in breath­tak­ing sur­round­ings, J.Boroski is one of Hong Kong’s most in­no­va­tive bars | 在唯美景致包圍下品嚐特製雞尾酒,J.Boroski不愧為香港其中一間最前衛創新的酒吧


The Fra­grant Har­bour’s ro­mance with cock­tails be­gan years ago in a sul­try ho­tel bar, and for too long it con­tin­ued that way, con­fined to clan­des­tine en­coun­ters in can­dlelit drink­ing dens. How­ever, over the past decade or so the re­la­tion­ship has be­come not only ac­cepted, but cel­e­brated, with so­phis­ti­cated sip­pers seek­ing well-crafted con­coc­tions far be­yond the bound­aries of fives­tar es­tab­lish­ments. In­deed, some of the finest cock­tails to­day can be found all the way from Taikoo to Tsim Sha Tsui, but few places have pushed tra­di­tional bar bound­aries fur­ther than mix­ul­tant Joseph Boroski’s first foray into the lo­cal land­scape, J.Boroski.


Lo­cated in the heart of Cen­tral down a dark al­ley and be­hind an unas­sum­ing en­trance (look out for the scarab bee­tle graf­fiti), J.Boroski in­vites you to leave any pre­con­cep­tions at the door. Once inside, pull back the leather cur­tains and you are greeted by a se­duc­tive, in­ti­mate space with curves where there should be cor­ners that soften an oth­er­wise de­cid­edly mas­cu­line en­vi­ron­ment. As your eyes ad­just to the low light they’ll un­doubt­edly be drawn to the ceil­ing – one half of which is dec­o­rated with a pha­lanx of scarab bee­tles. (Per­haps it should be men­tioned that this is not a space for the squea­mish or those suf­fer­ing from in­sec­to­pho­bia; there’s even one seat­ing area lined with taran­tula.)

That the in­te­rior acts as such a con­ver­sa­tion starter is no accident; it is the work of Aus­tralian de­signer Ash­ley Sut­ton, the man who is also be­hind the oth­er­worldly aes­thet­ics of Iron Fairies and Ophe­lia, both of which, along with J.Boroski, came to Hong Kong cour­tesy of Din­ing Con­cepts. Ash­ley is a mas­ter of cre­at­ing vis­ual won­der­lands, and J.Boroski was con­ceived to re­flect the pas­sions of the man af­ter which it is named: science, the study of in­sects and, of course, cock­tails.

The lat­ter is the real rea­son that peo­ple seek to pa­tro­n­ise this bar over the mul­ti­tude of oth­ers in the vicin­ity – it is renowned for the qual­ity of its drinks. And af­ter ac­cli­ma­tis­ing to the unusual adorn­ments, you’ll no­tice that there are no black­boards declar­ing dis­counts or table當中只有少數地方能如調酒師Joseph Boroski首次進軍本土市場的J.Boroski般敢於推進傳統酒吧界限。


室內裝潢定必引發無限話題:這就是澳洲設計師Ash­ley Sut­ton的佳作,也就是Iron Fairies和Ophe­li­a背後的創作主腦,兩者跟J.Boroski也多虧Din­ing Con­cept­s得以進駐香港。Ash­ley擅長打造夢幻視覺元素,J.Boroski就正好能反映這位魅力店主的熱情所在:科學、對昆蟲的研讀與雞尾酒。

飲品的出眾品質是人們不斷前往光顧的主因。除了被非主流裝飾元素所吸引之外,你更會發現這兒根本不設任何黑板或桌上小牌提示Happy Hours時段,基本上,此處不設任何告示。Joseph的雞尾酒顧問服務就是在於由調酒師和侍應測試你的口味,然後再推斷你的個人喜好,最後調製出一杯專為你而設的美味特飲,全以本地搜購的材料和佳釀調合而成。

tents re­port­ing happy hours, in fact there’s no sig­nage at all. In­stead the bar­tenders and servers will quiz you on your tastes as part of Joseph’s cock­tail concierge ser­vice, to de­duce your per­sonal flavour pro­file and, ul­ti­mately, mix a made-to-or­der li­ba­tion just for you us­ing a se­lec­tion of lo­cally sourced in­gre­di­ents and craft spir­its.

How­ever, if you don’t know your Bom­bay Sap­phire from your Sip­smith, you needn’t worry as there’s a com­pact menu of cock­tails from which to or­der. For those with a weak­ness for dry mar­ti­nis, there is Luck be a Lady, a strong yet un­der­stated blend of Michter’s sin­gle-bar­rel rye with home­made French rose and goji berry syrup, car­damom bit­ters and a spray of Parisian ab­sinthe, gar­nished with a caramelised de­mer­ara cube, which can also be dis­solved in the drink to sweeten it if you so de­sire. Al­ter­na­tively, if you pre­fer your drinks al­ready on the honeyed side, try the cheek­ily named Sex Sells, a mix of sil­ver-in­fused three­is­land Caribbean rum, home­made but­ter­fly flower syrup, es­sen­tial oil of al­mond, fresh yel­low pep­per and lime topped with Ja­panese candy wool and sprin­kled with freeze-dried pump­kin. Fi­nally, dar­ing drinkers should sam­ple The Tur­ing Test, which is a su­gar-free blend of laven­der and ac­ti­vated char­coal Pol­ish bi­son grass vodka, house ste­via leaf and matcha tinc­ture, freshly-squeezed lemon, egg and An­gos­tura bit­ters, topped with a bonded spinach wafer. And which­ever of the tip­ples takes your fancy, one thing’s for cer­tain, you’ll find a rea­son to re­turn to J.Boroski’s to try an­other. //

可以放心的是,即使你不清楚心儀飲品的來源,雞尾酒小餐單仍會在場供應,方便點選。難以接受Dry Mar­tini嗎?Luck be a Lady味道也濃而混入Michter的單桶黑麥配自家製法式玫瑰和枸杞糖漿,還有豆蔻苦啤酒、巴黎苦艾酒,加上焦糖化金砂糖粒裝飾,加到飲料中即可增加甜味。另外也可試試Sex Sells,混合Sil­ver-in­fused Three-is­land Caribbean 酒、自家製蝴蝶花糖漿、杏仁精油、清新黃椒、青檸,再加日式綿花糖和急凍南瓜。最後一款挑戰味蕾的就是The Tur­ing Test,混合無糖薰衣草和Ac­ti­vated Char­coal Pol­ish Bi­son Grass伏特加、甜菊葉、抹茶酊、鮮榨檸檬、蛋和安古斯圖苦啤酒,再以菠菜薄餅作結。不管你口味如何,總有合心水選擇,要找原因再到J.Boroski一趟絕對不難。//


J.Boroski’s Sex Sells is a heady mix of sil­ver­in­fused three-is­land Caribbean rum, home­made but­ter­fly flower syrup, es­sen­tial oil of al­mond, fresh yel­low pep­per and lime topped with Ja­panese candy wool and sprin­kled with freeze-dried pump­kin. Squeeze the pipette over the candy wool cube and watch it dis­ap­pear as the drink changes colour be­fore your very eyes.


J.Boroski的Sex Sell­s混合Sil­ver-in­fused Three­is­land Caribbean 酒、自家製蝴蝶花糖漿、杏仁精油、清新黃椒、青檸,再加日式綿花糖和急凍南瓜。擠一下綿花糖上的液管,即看到它慢慢溶解消失,飲品顏色亦會轉變。


Scarab bee­tles adorn the back wall be­hind the bar. The Sex Sells cock­tail post-trans­for­ma­tion. Luck be a Lady, a blend of rye, home­made syrup, bit­ters and ab­sinthe, gar­nished with a caramelised de­mer­ara cube.


酒吧後牆以甲蟲裝飾。Sex Sell­s轉色後的模樣。Luck be a Lady揉合單桶黑麥、自家製糖漿、苦啤酒和苦艾酒,



The Tur­ing Test, a be­guil­ing, su­gar-free blend that errs of the savoury side of sweet but with a flo­ral flour­ish.


迷人的The Tur­ing Test以無糖混合材料減去鹹味,而同時帶花香。

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