Ove Rogne, CEO and co-founder of new Nor­we­gian furniture brand, North­ern, dis­cusses creative mul­tipur­pose prod­ucts for shrink­ing liv­ing spaces全新挪威傢具品牌North­ern的行政總裁兼合夥創辦人Ove Rogne



全新挪威傢具品牌North­ern的行政總裁兼合夥創辦人Ove Rogne細訴多用途的創意產品能怎樣貼合小巧生活空間

Func­tional and style-con­scious, North­ern’s first furniture col­lec­tion de­buted at Stock­holm De­sign Week in Fe­bru­ary and in­cluded pieces by 16 de­sign­ers from seven coun­tries. Al­though liv­ing spa­ces are shrink­ing, North­ern’s mul­tipur­pose pieces can be a valu­able ad­di­tion to any in­te­rior – flex­i­ble, of­fer­ing chic stor­age so­lu­tions, crafted from nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als and em­body­ing un­der­stated lux­ury. Isn’t that what ev­ery­one wants? We ask the Nor­we­gian brand’s CEO and co­founder, Ove Rogne. 來自North­ern的首個傢具系列於二月斯德哥爾摩設計周亮相,帶來來自7個國家、16位設計師打造的實用時尚傢具系列。有見生活天地面積有減無增,North­ern的多用途產品就順理成章地成為各式室內空間的珍貴設計,既靈活百變,又能帶來時尚的儲物方案,全以天然物料精製而成,散放著低調沉實的豪華魅力。這豈不就是眾人所想的效果嗎?我們跟這挪威品牌的行政總裁兼合夥創辦人Ove Rogne談到更多。We spent a lot of time dis­cussing the mood we wanted to con­vey with North­ern, and iden­ti­fy­ing the colours, ma­te­ri­als and tra­di­tions at the heart of Nordic de­sign. Bold shapes com­bine with beauty, func­tion­al­ity, sim­plic­ity, nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als and gen­uine crafts­man­ship. 03 Fur­ther­more, we wanted to make prod­ucts with an un­der­stated lux­ury. The lux­ury lies in the fact that th­ese are fine ob­jects of good qual­ity with high com­fort. 我們花大量時間討論透過North­ern營造怎樣的氣氛,再試圖辨識北歐設計的用色、物料和傳統。矚目外形跟美學、實用功能、簡約風格、天然物料和精緻工藝完美糅合。我們想進一步混合低調豪華元素精製各款產品。這種奢華在於出色質素與高度舒適享受。

A large part of the pop­u­la­tion in many coun­tries lives in ur­ban ar­eas – in city apart­ments and small spa­ces. While we didn’t cre­ate a col­lec­tion only for small homes, we did want to en­sure that some of our prod­ucts could work for peo­ple with lim­ited space while adding el­e­ments of beauty and func­tion­al­ity. 大部分國家的城市居民均棲身於單位或小空間。我們不只為小巧家居設計,也希望確保部分產品能迎合居於有限空間的人士,為生活天地混入美學與實用功能。There are some items that work par­tic­u­larly well in small homes. Daybe is a soft and warm sofa, but can be eas­ily changed into a sofa bed at night. Frame acts as a sculp­tural piece on the wall that can also be a cloth­ing rack or hanger when opened out­wards. Camp is a small, round kitchen ta­ble that’s large enough for din­ner par­ties for four, while the Pal stool is mul­ti­func­tional as a small side ta­ble when de­liv­ered with the ve­neered top, stack­able if you need to cre­ate space and an over­all space-saver when stand­ing alone, as it’s quite tiny. 部分設計在小家居中更為合用。風格柔和溫暖的Day­be沙發可輕鬆化身成沙發床。框架既能成為牆上的雕塑裝飾元素,往外張開時更可兼作掛架。小巧的廚房圓桌Cam­p能容下四人舉行晚餐派對,而多功能的Pal凳配上鑲板桌面時即化身為小邊桌,摺疊起來能節省更多空間,獨立擺放也不會佔用太多位置。At North­ern, we cre­ate ob­jects to play around with and to use as tools to cre­ate good set­tings. Ad­di­tion­ally, we want peo­ple to cher­ish their prod­ucts for a long time and to stop buy­ing non-durable ob­jects that de­stroy the planet. We also take into con­sid­er­a­tion that peo­ple move more than be­fore, and pro­vide prod­ucts that are easy to dis­as­sem­ble and flat-pack. All th­ese as­pects fit the users’ needs, so they can adapt the prod­uct to their sit­u­a­tions and de­sires. 我們在North­ern設計能隨你發揮運用的產品,也可充當理想工具營造心想的佈置。此外,希望人們能長久珍惜用品,停止購買破壞地球的不耐用之作。我們也考慮到人們比以往搬家的頻率高得多,產品一定要設計成可輕易拆掉和採平面包裝的模樣。各種因素也得迎合用家需要,能隨心所想靈活應用於不同情況之中。



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