A global fo­rum of ar­ti­sanal work­shops, Wright & Smith is mod­ernising tra­di­tional arts for con­tem­po­rary in­te­ri­ors and keep­ing crafts­man­ship alive設計公司Wright & Smith雲集全球藝術家作品,傳承各種精緻



When Sasha Young came across the orig­i­nal de­sign for some fa­mil­iar china in the ar­chives at Can­tonese ce­ram­ics spe­cial­ist Yuet Tung, it was a goose­bumps mo­ment. It turned out that third-gen­er­a­tion owner Joseph Tso’s fa­ther had crafted her grand­par­ents’ pre-war wed­ding porce­lain. Young’s grand­fa­ther had been cap­tured by the Ja­panese dur­ing World War II and im­pris­oned in Na­gasaki, and her grand­mother had suf­fered in Hong Kong dur­ing the oc­cu­pa­tion, but while the cou­ple mirac­u­lously re­united af­ter the war, few of their pos­ses­sions sur­vived – save one plate from their Yuet Tung din­ner ser­vice. Find­ing its orig­i­nal de­sign was re­mark­able – and it would also mark a new be­gin­ning. Young founded Wright & Smith in 2016 and it launched with Yuet Tung’s ex­clu­sive 5 Bless­ings table­ware col­lec­tion, based on that orig­i­nal de­sign, sig­ni­fy­ing the brand’s de­sire to tell these sto­ries of crafts­man­ship and to help cus­tomers con­nect with work­shops fo­cused on fur­ther­ing tra­di­tional arts. Here, we high­light some of Wright & Smith's most in­trigu­ing ar­ti­sans.

從粵東磁廠中發現熟悉的瓷器時,這幕必定是最令室內設計師Sasha Young動容的時刻。這盤子背後有一段美麗的故事:早在多年,紀念她祖父母婚禮的骨瓷餐具正是出自粵東第三代繼承人曹志雄父親之作。好景不常,她祖父在二戰期間被抓到日本長崎作戰俘,而祖母則在香港受苦,兩人被迫分隔兩地。戰後一家人終於團聚,可惜所有家當中僅剩下這一隻盤子。作品設計極具象徵意義,同時也代表一個新開始。設計公司Wright & Smith於2016年創立並推出一組由粵東磁廠創作的五福手工繪盤。品牌希望可以訴說手工藝品的故事,也能作為客人和手藝專家之間的橋樑。 以下為你介紹Wright & Smith精選的特色設計品牌。

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