In­te­rior de­signer Joseph Sy works with a style-con­scious home­owner to trans­form a prime du­plex into a dream home for his fam­ily



When this home­owner was look­ing for an in­te­rior de­signer to turn his dream vi­sion into re­al­ity, he knew he had found the right man for the job when he came across the fea­tured work of Joseph Sy. “I loved the way Joseph used lux­u­ri­ous ma­te­ri­als to­gether and the ef­fect of the over­all space,” the home­owner re­veals. Clearly, he feels he made the right choice, as the over­all re­sult of the ex­pan­sive du­plex en­cap­su­lates his life­style, pas­sions and in­ter­ests while be­ing a stylish, func­tional home for his fam­ily, in­clud­ing his wife and two grown chil­dren.

The man of the house took charge of the de­sign brief, work­ing closely with Joseph to turn the space into a home in which his fam­ily could live com­fort­ably. Hav­ing resided in San Fran­cisco and Shang­hai be­fore re­lo­cat­ing to Hong Kong, the home­owner con­fides that he had looked at hun­dreds of prop­er­ties be­fore de­cid­ing on this one. “For me, it was the view that sealed the deal,” he says. “Vic­to­ria Har­bour is very glam­orous, es­pe­cially at night, and the panorama here looks like a post­card. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the view.” In

屋主一向都希望能夠將不少設計構思付諸實行,打造一間夢寐以求的家居。機緣巧合下他認識到設計師洪約瑟(Joseph Sy)負責的策劃項目,他表示:「我特別欣賞設計師選材奢華的概念,他為室內裝潢帶來十分出眾的整體效果。」設計師按照屋主、太太和兩位踏入青春期孩子的需要,把他們的生活方式和閒暇興趣和諧融合於一身,成功創作出既時尚又寬敞的多功能複式單位。


terms of the decor, he knew he wanted to cre­ate a mod­ern-clas­sic aes­thetic – some­thing that had vis­ual punch without be­ing over the top.

Joseph care­fully con­sid­ered his client’s re­quire­ments and con­ceived a host of clever de­sign so­lu­tions, which in­te­grate lux­u­ri­ous ma­te­ri­als and fit­tings to cre­ate func­tional el­e­ments. This in­cludes sub­tly de­lin­eat­ing the din­ing room and liv­ing room with a mod­ern fire­place and glass pan­els above, creating a cir­cu­lar void in the ceil­ing of the din­ing room and out­lin­ing a cir­cu­lar line on the mar­ble un­der­foot to echo the shape of the din­ing ta­ble, de­sign­ing in­trigu­ing curved walls to soften the space and us­ing a translu­cent glass par­ti­tion in the pow­der room so that it wouldn’t di­rectly face the liv­ing area. “I’m quite proud of the spa­tial plan­ning through­out the abode, as I feel I have re­ally max­imised each and every corner,” says Joseph. “The client wanted a lot of eye-catch­ing fea­tures and never-seen-be­fore ap­point­ments, so we looked far and wide to source the best-qual­ity mar­ble, woods and fit­tings that would re­ally el­e­vate the in­te­ri­ors.”


客廳地板的選材同是設計亮點之一。作為一個熱愛音響的擁躉,屋主閒時會透過電子產品無縫連接和控制Bang & Olufsen電視和揚聲器。他希望可以意大利大理石地板裝飾,成就最高音樂享受。然而,設計師則有全然不同的想法。由於房間摻雜了大量硬性材質,深沉的大理石和玻璃窗均有可能

One area of con­tention was what ma­te­rial to use for the liv­ing room floor. As a huge acous­tics fan who en­joys his state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen tele­vi­sion and speak­ers (and be­ing able to seam­lessly con­trol them through his elec­tronic de­vices), the home­owner was in­sis­tent on us­ing Ital­ian mar­ble for the floor. Joseph, how­ever, felt that the com­bi­na­tion of so many hard sur­faces – the heavy mar­ble and the large ex­panse of glass from the sur­round­ing win­dows – would be bad for the acous­tics. Without com­pro­mis­ing on de­sign or his client’s pref­er­ences, he solved this prob­lem by creating a fluted ceil­ing from wooden slabs that would help ab­sorb sound. This ded­i­ca­tion didn’t go un­no­ticed by the home­owner, who raves: “It was a great ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing with Joseph. He re­ally un­der­stood our vi­sion and worked hard to de­liver qual­ity re­sults.”

A pas­sion­ate de­sign buff him­self, the home­owner com­piled a huge stack of ref­er­ences and clip­pings on in­spi­ra­tional looks, lay­outs, wall­pa­per sam­ples and prod­uct info, and re­counts how his son of­ten teases him for us­ing all his leisure time on re­search. His wife, how­ever, speaks fondly of this habit, com­ment­ing that her hus­band is picky but has great taste. “It’s hard to pick a favourite area in the home,” she says. “I think it’s beau­ti­ful ev­ery­where, but the stair­case and the light­ing are very spe­cial.”

The home­owner also en­sured that his fam­ily was in­volved with the dec­o­rat­ing process so that ev­ery­one’s needs were ful­filled. “We all flew to Italy to­gether for a week to at­tend Salone del Mo­bile for in­spi­ra­tion and then spent three days just in Poltrona Frau to pick out all the fur­ni­ture,” he re­veals. “We’re lucky to be able to en­joy the space to­gether – and it’s the best feel­ing to have cre­ated a home that you’re al­ways ex­cited to come back to.” //破壞音質。Joseph最後選用了具吸音效果的凹槽木製厚板,用途適合又不失美觀。屋主對這妙法讚不絕口:「Joseph完全了解我們的需要,他力臻完美的態度實在值得敬佩,能夠與他合作實在難能可貴。」


屋主亦希望家庭成員都可以配合自己的需要,一同參與設計過程。他分享:「我們全家在意大利度過了一週參加米蘭傢具展,而其中三天更在傢具店Poltrona Frau選購各種家品。對我來說,一家人


EX­QUIS­ITE SET­TING The home­own­ers are tastemak­ers who have col­lected cu­rios and table­ware from around the world - flat­ware from Her­mes, sil­ver from Buc­cel­lati and stun­ning glass­ware. The lady of the house is an avid chef so the kitchen has been de­signed to achieve form and func­tion. 精妙佈局屋主喜愛從世界各地搜羅新奇有趣的家品,當中包括 Her­mes餐具、Buc­cel­lati銀器以及各式各樣的玻璃制品。精心考量的廚房設計按熱愛下廚的女主人的需要度身訂造,美感和功能集於一身。

ALL IN THE DE­TAILS The mas­ter en­suite con­tain­ing a spa­cious walk-in wardrobe is a bliss­ful oa­sis of clas­sic moder­nity, demon­strat­ing how the home­owner and de­signer worked closely to­gether to con­fig­ure the lay­out and se­lect the best ma­te­rial, fit­tings and fix­tures. 盡在細節主人房中的步入式衣帽間和融糅合經典和創意,設計佈局、優質物料及巧妙裝置均完美展現屋主和設計師攜手合作的過人效果。

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