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It’s one of the sex­i­est parts of the body, yet the dé­col­letage can re­veal a woman’s age. keeps abreast of ways to care for the cleav­age

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Elis­a­beth Galvin

ith the red car­pet awash with plung­ing neck­lines, this sea­son’s low-cut gowns cer­tainly aren’t cut for the crin­kled—those with the dreaded cleav­age wrin­kles. A woman’s neck­line and dé­col­letage are in­cred­i­bly vul­ner­a­ble to dam­age be­cause the skin here is thin, and be­comes thin­ner with age as the body pro­duces less col­la­gen. Un­like the face, there is no hair to pro­tect it and there are fewer se­ba­ceous (oil­pro­duc­ing) glands for hy­dra­tion. Worse still, the area is fre­quently ex­posed to UV rays and chem­i­cal pol­lu­tants—un­like the rest of the body, which is pro­tected by cloth­ing. As well as wrin­kles, other vis­i­ble signs of ad­vanc­ing years in­clude age spots and sag­ging, crêpey, leath­ery skin.

“Ev­ery­one knows that the skin around the eye area is very thin and del­i­cate. But many peo­ple don’t re­alise that the skin of our throat and dé­col­letage is just as thin and del­i­cate,” says Wei Brian, the founder of Wei Beauty. “It can show signs of age­ing that can be dif­fi­cult to re­verse if you don’t start car­ing for this area early on.”

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