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Mur­dock Lon­don, a fine pur­veyor of luxury men’s prod­ucts, is now avail­able ex­clu­sively in Hong Kong at Joyce Groom­ing

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There was a time when it was cus­tom­ary for gen­tle­men to visit their favourite bar­bers on a regular ba­sis, not just to get their hair trimmed but also for a wet shave. They would al­ways leave the shop look­ing im­mac­u­late.

Groom­ing en­thu­si­ast Bren­dan Mur­dock, frus­trated by men’s in­creas­ing re­liance on the dis­pos­able or elec­tri­cal ra­zor that pro­vides blem­ished re­sults, founded his own bar­ber­shop, Mur­dock Lon­don, in the cre­ative hub of Shored­itch in 2006. The brand, now with six lo­ca­tions around the UK cap­i­tal, has in­spired a re­nais­sance for the art of male groom­ing.

Mur­dock Lon­don now has its own line of high-end shav­ing and groom­ing prod­ucts, which are avail­able ex­clu­sively in Hong Kong at Joyce Groom­ing, so that mod­ern gen­tle­men in the city can recre­ate that bar­ber­shop-style ex­pe­ri­ence for them­selves at home.

Sig­na­ture prod­ucts in­clude the Pre-shave Oil, Post-shave Balm, Beard Mois­turiser, Mar­vel­lous Mous­tache Wax and its line of groom­ing equip­ment. The brand has also launched a new line of prod­ucts specif­i­cally for beards, in­clud­ing the Beard Sham­poo, Beard Con­di­tioner and Beard Oil.

To com­ple­ment its ex­ten­sive range of prod­ucts, Mur­dock Lon­don has put to­gether a se­lec­tion of help­ful shav­ing and groom­ing tips for its cus­tomers:

• Put warm wa­ter on your face first thing in the morn­ing be­fore cleans­ing it with a gen­tle agent.

• Be­fore you shave, put a hot towel on the bearded area for three to four min­utes to soften the hair.

• Shav­ing soap or shav­ing cream? Both are good op­tions; soap is tra­di­tional and suited to men with com­bi­na­tion/oily skin, while the mois­ture-rich lather from cream is ideal for those with dry skin. • Stop us­ing regular sham­poo on your beard. Cleanse with wa­ter and mas­sage in a small amount of the Beard Sham­poo, which has an ad­vanced phbal­anced for­mula and zero harsh de­ter­gents, and then rinse thor­ougly. Then, mas­sage in some Beard Con­di­tioner and leave it to ab­sorb for a minute be­fore rins­ing.

• Con­di­tion and comb your beard reg­u­larly to en­sure that it looks neat, shiny and healthy. Once out of the shower, use a beard brush to re­move knots, ap­ply a few drops of Beard Oil and comb through again to achieve your de­sired shape.

With the proper prod­ucts and the right tech­niques, male groom­ing can be ef­fort­less thanks to Mur­dock Lon­don.

New favourites From left: The Beard Oil, Beard Sham­poo and Beard Con­di­tioner from Mur­dock Lon­don’s new range

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