Pun of Fun

Hearty laughs, teen tracks and a good dose of sugar made our cover shoot with Ivan Pun less like work and more like recre­ation

Hong Kong Tatler - - Behind The Scenes -

his is a work­out,” shouts a Valentin­oclad Ivan Pun, his torso curled into a sit-up. Pho­tog­ra­pher Vic­to­ria Tang- Owen has or­dered him to lie on a hand-sewn Burmese rug on the floor so she can shoot him from above. The shot, how­ever, re­quires him to lift his head and shoul­ders off the ground and, af­ter hold­ing the pose for 10 min­utes, Ivan’s “blue steel” is verg­ing on plain blue. Ever the good sport, he per­sists through the pain with the help of Justin Bieber, whose beats, we have no shame in ad­mit­ting, keep our crew chip­per through­out the eight-hour shoot. We’ve de­cided to shoot in Ivan’s par­ents’ home in Aberdeen, a warm, spa­cious apart­ment with modernist fur­ni­ture. This is where Ivan crashes when he’s in Hong Kong.

Vic­to­ria and Ivan are a lively pair, slip­ping in and out of Can­tonese and English as they ex­per­i­ment with var­i­ous poses in dif­fer­ent cor­ners of the house. They’ve been friends for years and Vic­to­ria man­ages to get Ivan to do all man­ner of wild things—from fly­ing through the air and land­ing on his bed, to crawl­ing on his mar­ble din­ing ta­ble. It was Ivan who in­tro­duced Vic­to­ria to the man who would be­come her hus­band, Christo­pher Owen, and the duo re­cently founded their own agency, Thirty30 Cre­ative. Our cover shoot is one of their com­pany’s first ma­jor edi­to­rial projects.

Vic­to­ria’s en­ergy is con­ta­gious— she’s on a roll—so we sub­sist on epic choc-chip cook­ies (baked by Hong Kong Tatler’s di­rec­tor of pho­tog­ra­phy, Gil­lian Nadel) un­til 3pm, when curry beef brisket calls.

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