Plat­inum Per­fec­tion

La Prairie’s lux­u­ri­ous range of skin­care is in­fused with a pre­cious metal to help you turn back the clock

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Life is filled with laugh­ter and tears; it’s the joy of be­ing hu­man. But it doesn’t mean we want those emo­tions for­ever etched on our faces. As we age our skin loses es­sen­tial elas­tic­ity, col­la­gen breaks down and those ex­pres­sion lines deepen. Throw in the skin-dam­ag­ing ef­fects of stress, pol­lu­tion and the sun, and none of us can es­cape the tell-tale signs of age­ing. Or can we?

The Plat­inum Col­lec­tion from La Prairie har­nesses the restora­tive pow­ers of plat­inum, one of the earth’s rarest re­sources, to achieve age-de­fy­ing re­sults. At the heart of the col­lec­tion lies La Prairie’s ex­clu­sive, nu­tri­ent-rich cel­lu­lar com­plex. Proven to stim­u­late the skin’s nat­u­ral re­newal process it mois­turises and en­er­gises, eras­ing vis­i­ble signs of age­ing.

The lux­u­ri­ous range fea­tures four prod­ucts, which can be used alone or to­gether for op­ti­mal re­sults.

Your first step, and where the magic hap­pens, is the Cel­lu­lar Serum Plat­inum Rare. Just a few drops of this in­ge­nious serum re­store the skin’s nat­u­ral mois­ture bar­rier. Pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dants, skin-bright­en­ing nu­tri­ents and tens­ing agents leave skin brighter and firmer.

The re­ju­ve­nat­ing Cel­lu­lar Cream Plat­inum Rare, mean­while, draws on the most ad­vanced dis­cov­er­ies in cel­lu­lar sci­ence and can be used alone or over the serum. Mois­ture is re­leased as you need it thanks to clever cli­mate-ac­ti­vated The Plat­inum Col­lec­tion in­cludes (from left) the Cel­lu­lar Cream Plat­inum Rare in 50ml and 30ml, Cel­lu­lar Eye Cream Plat­inum Rare, Cel­lu­lar Serum Plat­inum Rare, and Cel­lu­lar Eye Essence Plat­inum Rare hy­dra­tion, which ad­justs to chang­ing hu­mid­ity lev­els and the skin’s tem­per­a­ture. Plat­inum pep­tides recharge skin, al­low­ing for max­i­mum ab­sorp­tion of the cream’s many nour­ish­ing in­gre­di­ents. Skin tex­ture and tone are pre­served, and a youth­ful ra­di­ant glow is re­stored.

De­signed for the unique needs of the eye area, where skin is thin­ner and more eas­ily dam­aged, the Cel­lu­lar Eye Cream Plat­inum Rare is a truly in­spired for­mula. Whether it is fine lines, sag­ging, puffi­ness or dark shad­ows that bother you, this po­tent eye treat­ment has it cov­ered. The eye area is lifted and bright­ened, and lines and puffi­ness dis­ap­pear leav­ing skin re­ju­ve­nated.

The fourth mem­ber of the col­lec­tion is the Cel­lu­lar Eye Essence Plat­inum Rare, which prom­ises to trans­form the del­i­cate eye area. Wrin­kle-plump­ing pep­tides, pre­cious plat­inum, an­tiox­i­dants and light­en­ers di­min­ish fine lines, lift and firm the skin and brighten dark cir­cles. Even the dis­penser has been de­signed for ul­ti­mate ben­e­fit. The cool­ing, metal-tipped drop­per soothes and re­duces puffi­ness around the eye con­tours as it de­liv­ers the serum.

So if you want to live life to the full while keep­ing a flaw­lessly youth­ful com­plex­ion, it might be time to re­vise your skin­care rou­tine and in­vest in The Plat­inum Col­lec­tion.


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