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Feng shui de­signer Thierry Chow is deter­mined to give the tra­di­tional prac­tice a thor­oughly mod­ern makeover

As a child, Gen­er­a­tion T lis­ter Thierry Chow didn’t give feng shui much thought. Which is odd, con­sid­er­ing that her father, Chow Hon-ming, is one of Hong Kong’s most revered feng shui mas­ters. “I just tuned it out,” she says.

Thierry dis­cov­ered her de­sire to fol­low in her father’s foot­steps later in life, af­ter com­plet­ing her school­ing in art and de­sign. To­day, she’s us­ing her de­sign back­ground and the ex­pe­ri­ence she gained as an ap­pren­tice un­der her father to bring feng shui into the 21st cen­tury. This year she re­leased a book, Love and Fate, that ap­plies the an­cient prac­tice to the very mod­ern world of love and dat­ing. Here, Thierry in­tro­duces her work in her own words.

Feng shui is very mis­un­der­stood.

A lot of peo­ple think it’s a su­per­sti­tion, or a short­cut to get­ting what you want. When I was younger, even I thought that. It’s not about that at all—it’s look­ing at the mean­ing of ob­jects and how they af­fect peo­ple’s phys­i­cal and men­tal health.

I want to give feng shui a facelift

with my con­sul­tancy, TRE. By ap­ply­ing its tra­di­tions in the con­text of the mod­ern world, I’m try­ing to ed­u­cate peo­ple on feng shui’s true mean­ing. To do this, I think it’s im­por­tant to re­brand feng shui with­out tak­ing away from the her­itage. It’s a dif­fi­cult bal­ance, be­cause I don’t want peo­ple to think I don’t re­spect the prac­tice. That’s not the case at all—i just want to keep it alive.

Fash­ion has a strong re­la­tion­ship with feng shui.

Some of my con­sul­ta­tions with clients are more like styling ses­sions. Us­ing your feng shui birth chart, we can see which of the five el­e­ments of Chi­nese as­tron­omy you’re miss­ing. Ev­ery­thing in the world falls into one of these five cat­e­gories, so I can rec­om­mend the colours, pat­terns and shapes that suit you best.

My book fo­cuses on love

be­cause that’s al­ways the num­ber-one ques­tion peo­ple have in feng shui con­sul­ta­tions. It in­cor­po­rates palm read­ing, face read­ing and how to ar­range your home for greater re­la­tion­ship luck, but us­ing mod­ern lan­guage that peo­ple can un­der­stand. Be­cause of the way feng shui mas­ters talk, with lan­guage shrouded in cen­turies of tra­di­tion, peo­ple of­ten don’t un­der­stand its core prin­ci­ples, which is such a waste. Feng shui of­fers wisdom that I want more peo­ple to know about. In my book, that wisdom trans­lates to how to at­tract the right per­son, how to keep your re­la­tion­ship sweet—is­sues we all face.

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