The Maintaining and Innovation of Ji Yue Music in Tang Dynasty

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XIA Yan-zhou & LIANG Zhen-zhong

Abstract: In the royal court music of the Tang Dynasty, the formation and application of the had its profound political and social background. It was fully illustrated this point that from reformulating (nine kinds of music) to using

(ten kinds of music), and then to adding (mainly refers to sit, stand two forms of performance)in the early years of Tang Dynasty. With (folk music and dance) listed in (Country music official) in Tang Dynasty, it stimulated out the factors hidden in the creation of thus forming the system of of diversification and entertainment in Tang Dynasty, to promote a lot of new, universal, and social category of music popular, the music in Han and Tang Dynasties appearing the separation of ceremonial classic music and folk music, and initial realization the evolution of in Han and Tang Dynasties.

Key Words: history of Chinese music, Tang Dynasty (618- 907), duobuji, transformation 上接41页————————

Study on the Music Materials of Shang Qing Ling Bao Dafa in the Southern Song Dynasty

PU Heng-qiang

This paper gave a detailed interpretation of ritual music document in the Southern Song Dynasty. And especially focusing on the ritual music of Huangluzhai, Chuanduyi, which involving the evolution of Lingbaozhai music overview from ancient to nowadays. It points out that in the integration and transformation of the old and new rituals, the stylish plot ritual model have the upper hand, and would become the main trend to developing the ritual music in the future. Thus it has a glimpse the characteristics and outline of development of ritual music in the Southern Song Dynasty. It also analyzed thorough the ritual music related to literature such as important concepts, the phenomenon and logic connotation of the ritual. Key Words: the Southern Song Dynasty (1127- 1279), Zhaiyi music, Jingyun, change Abstract:

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