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China’s Diplomacy in 2016: Blazing New Paths and Making New Progress Wang Yi

For China’s diplomacy, 2016 can be summed as an important year in which China has blazed new paths and made new progress. It has forged ahead and overcome various difficulties, secured a sound external environment conducive to China’s development amidst the grim world situation, and elevated China’s standing, influence, and institutional rights in the changing international system. In 2017, China will hold the 19th CPC National Congress while the 13th Five-year Plan will enter the stage of allround, intensive implementation. To better fulfill the mission of China’s diplomacy, China will make every effort to serve the successful holding of the 19th CPC National Congress, prepare thoroughly for the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, and make the 9th BRICS Summit a great event. Besides, China must secure a favorable external environment and remain deeply involved in global governance. Last but not least, China’s diplomacy will give more proactive support to its domestic development and continue to do a good job in protecting and assisting Chinese nationals overseas.

Global Economic Governance: New Challenges and China’s Approaches Chen Dongxiao & Ye Yu

Global economic governance, faced with such challenges as persisting leadership gap and rising rule competition, is calling for new driving forces and new consensus. Through hosting the G20 Hangzhou Summit, China has set a new landmark in participating in global economic governance, and strengthened internal and external coordination, capacity building and intellectual support. In the future, China should further take advantage of its own domestic development priorities and reform agenda, so as to build a more solid foundation for a more inclusive and effective global economic governance.

The Greater Eurasian Partnership: Remodeling Eurasian Order? Li Ziguo

The Greater Eurasian Partnership is a new proposal advocated by Russia against the background of its worsening relationship with the West. Russia’s purpose is two-fold: to deal with pressure from the West in the short term and to use it strategically as a platform for constructing a new world and regional order. The failure of the Russiabacked Greater Europe and the establishment of Eurasianism are the ideational foundation of the Greater Eurasian Partnership, while the founding of the Eurasian Economic Union is its material foundation. Currently, this new partnership is still at the stage of concept promotion, but theoretically it could only “cover” instead of “diluting” the Silk Road Economic Belt, as the Belt and Road Initiative is being implemented on a more solid foundation. Besides, these two initiatives are consistent in ideas and similar in objectives. The joint cooperation between the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union has already been regarded by Russia as the first step towards building the Greater Eurasian Partnership, and China can work together with Russia in building a new Eurasian order.

New Trends of Us-india Defense Cooperation and Their Implications Lou Chunhao

Since the inauguration of India’s Modi government, the Us-india defense cooperation has entered a new period of increasing quality and accelerating speed, witnessing many breakthroughs in scope and depth. This trend is mainly attributed to the convergence of the two countries’ regional strategies and commercial interests, as well as their shared concerns on China. In the future, the Us-india defense cooperation will be affected by their respective domestic and foreign policies, the spillover effect of the third party factors and regional hot issues, and the progress of current cooperation projects, which will have a complicated bearing on regional security.

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