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Deglobalization Movements and Globalization Transition Xu Jian

The overflow of deglobalization movements is closely related to injustice of social wealth distribution and imbalance of development among nations. It reflects the historical pattern of the evolution of globalization: the benefits that countries gain and the risks they face are different in the process of globalization, and their attitudes towards globalization are not consistent in different periods. Globalization process is reversible, but also has the potential to sustainably advance through constant reforms. While deglobalization movements have posed increased obstruction and challenges on the process, they could also be diverted into the driving force for globalization transition. Through conceptual renewal, institutional and normative adjustments, introduction of fresh impetus, and reorganization of operational environment, a newtype globalization featuring common prosperity and inclusiveness could be realized. EU Integration under the Context of Multiple-crisis and Its Reshaping Approach Jin Ling

EU integration under the context of multiple- crisis and its reshaping approachjin Linginstitutional deficiencies from the division of sovereignty, internal discrepancies on interests and values among member states and identity crisis rising from political and social division are the fundamental dilemmas of the currently crisis plagued EU on its way of integration. The Crisis and dilemmas have not only shaped EU’S self -perception towards integration but also strengthened sub-regional cooperation and “coalition of willing” building trend inside EU, which has promoted the “multi-speed Europe” to become a prioritized way to further integration. However, with a socially and politically divided EU, the multi speed approach will also definitely have lots of uncertainties and challenges. Under the current political and social context, it’s highly impossible to have 27 member states together for further integration, so if “multi speed ”Europe did not work, the EU would have to find the way to “do less more efficiently”

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