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Jet Asia Pacific - - Contents - Interview & Text by Anthony Lam 林嘉伟


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Chinese men can be gentlemen, very sweet, smart, and have big hearts.

You’ve been the ambassador for some the world’s most famous luxury brands over the years. Could you tell us a bit about how it started and how it grew?

I never thought of becoming a model for luxury brands when I was young. I started out developing my fashion taste by picking what was most suitable and long lasting to me. When I liked something, and have determined that I truly liked it, I will use it forever. A person's lifestyle can often shed light into his or her personality. For instance, I've owned this Tom Ford jacket for 10 years, and it's because I feel it suits me regardless of whether it’s “trendy.” My tastes are mine only and I’m loyal to them - this could be why the brands like me. Over the years, my relationships with the brands have naturally become more of a friendship and even a family. How did you begin with the interest of Aviation?

I studied and lived in the U.S. in 2005, and when I had some free time, to hone my interest in flying I bought the X-Plane 9 flight simulator game. I found my balance point in life when I found aviation. After coming back to Asia, one day when I was approached to film in an airline themed movie, I met an airline captain. I agreed to act in the movie as the pilot, but only if they allowed me to fly in an airline cockpit simulator for the amount of hours required to get a license. Reflecting back, a lot of times I spent great effort on something, but the return was not as expected. Perhaps in money and image they could be considered as fruitful returns, but from the inside as a person, the rewards didn’t leave much to be desired. Lots of times in the entertainment it is to juggle passion and commerce. With aviation and flying, I

believe I've truly found my inner balance. To pursue my dream of flying, I've actually prepared for the cost of training and am already committed to a particular flight training institution in the U.S. What were some of your defining moments in your modeling and acting career?

I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a sporty figure. Many along the way have said I am talented at what I do, but I never thought I was that outstanding. You see, in the beginning, I didn't like modeling as I actually started my career life as a passionate athlete. It was only due to injuries sustained while being an athlete that I had no choice but to abandon athletics, and upon the persuasion of others, became a model. Now that I've long grown beyond a model and am a celebrity, I've still stayed consistent with my lifestyle choices, tastes, and physique. I've maintained my own unique image throughout, which I think was part of how I became China's top male model.

While progressing as a model, I've never thought of becoming an actor. I began with modeling, singing, then acting. I wanted to show others that I don't see my career as a short stint. I wanted mine to be long lasting. I was very arrogant when I was younger, but now that I'm over 40 and have been in modeling for over 20 years, I've learned the meaning of patience and humility. I wasn't sure about staying in the entertainment circle before, but soon after, I fell in love with acting. Others are in fasttrack sprints, but I see myself running the slower but longer marathon track.

As I traveled and lived abroad in the U.S and Japan, I heard a lot of comments about Chinese people in general, many of which I didn't like. I wanted to help shape the world's perspective on Chinese people, and let everyone know that Chinese people aren't all like what the stereotypes project. Chinese men can be gentlemen, very sweet, smart, and have big hearts. I want to better the world's perspective on Chinese men, and so I'd like to be a Chinese gentleman and act in films until

Others are in fasttrack sprints, but I see myself running the slower but longer marathon track.

I'm 60. At 60, I would like to enjoy myself - I don't want to just work all the time and end up forgetting life. How has the business jet helped your lifestyle?

The business jet has been one of the greatest tools for me. In the beginning, I've always liked to be in control. So I really liked cars, because I could control everything. As I matured, I realized that if I liked something, I don't necessarily have to own it. Because the business jet is such a great tool, I can utilize it to enhance my life yet I don't have to own it. We could all only spend so much time and attention on objects, and I believe that objects will never be able to "give back" as much as people can, such as your family or lover. I see everything with an opposite effect - Chocolates are sweet but makes you fat. Roses are beautiful but they have thorns. If you buy an airplane just to show it off to your peers, and that is the only way you're able to achieve happiness, then are you really happy, or are you sad?

Lifestyle and personality are made up of your thoughts and actions. What you wear and what you own is only a small percentage of what makes you a person. It is your substance and how you pursue happiness that matters. More important than what you own is how you can truly make yourself happy.

What advice do you have for the aspiring, luxury lifestyle-driven younger generation?

Life is like a carnival. Many are looking for the entrance tickets, and once they have it, they think they are done. No! Just because you have this money or ticket, doesn't mean you're set. You still have dozens of games and rounds to win in order to achieve and progress as a person. Know your end goal, visualize your ultimate dream or destination, and no matter what others tell you, be yourself and never lose your core. When you achieve that, your success becomes your own, and no one else will ever be able to take that away from you.

More important than what you own is how you can truly make yourself happy.

胡兵 蓝白色毛衣和白色休闲裤 All from Louis Vuitton; 腕表 Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101 千禧系列腕表 ; 休闲鞋 Allen Edmonds; 女模特 羊皮连身裙 Hermès; 高跟鞋 Christian Dior; 香槟 Perrier- Jouët Belle Epoque 2004; 旅行箱 Bottega Veneta 。

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