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It's that time of the year again – ABACE is just around the corner with plenty of renewed energy and optimism among us. As the Asian business aviation industry matures with the immense help of efforts by the ASBAA, so will we at JET Asia-pacific continue to cruise ahead and alongside the community to scout and survey.

Our feature on the "Big 5 Trends" in Business Jets this issue explores what's hot among the jetsetters. Be sure not to miss our exclusive Dassault Aviation's 100th anniversary story in celebrating its century-old heritage, passion, and innovation. If you find yourself stepping off a private jet often these days, take a look at how Fortis Riders provides vetted and secured ground transport for you and your loved ones wherever you are. In today's day and age, it is for beyond just your peace of mind.

We've reviewed the Singapore Airshow 2016 as the exhibition's official media partner, and have also taken and in-depth look at the Asia-relevant developments of HAI (Helicopter Association International) 2016 that took place earlier this year in Kentucky. Savor in our lifestyle sweets this issue with a preview of Basel World for watch fans, an exclusive conversation with personality chef Nobu, and a retreat to your personal getaway in Miami.

I suppose I do not say this enough, but it has truly been a rewarding and fruitful journey for me to have flown with all of you. Be it headwinds or tailwinds – we'll be soaring them through together. Enjoy this issue and see you at ABACE! 又到了一年一度的亚洲公务机展,新的一年里,我们已经积聚了新的能量和对未来探索的热情。在亚洲公务航空协会的鼎力协助之下,我们可以明显地看到亚洲公务航空行业的逐渐成熟、愈加强大。《尊翔》杂志一直持续关注行业动态,在行业处于低潮期的此刻加强侦察和调研,为您带来更为详尽丰富的报道。

在特别报道《五大私人飞机趋势》中,我们向您推荐当前最热门的趋势流行。在达索飞机《荣耀百年》的专题,我们与您一同回顾并庆祝这个伟大的飞机制造公司在过去的一百年历史中所经历的辉煌和创新。在您走下私人飞机的那一刻起,接送管理专家Fortis Riders便会全程为您审查并护驾,确保为您和您的爱人提供安全地面交通。在当今时代,安全就是安心。

作为2016年新加坡航展官方媒体伙伴,我们对本次航展做了深入报道,同时也带来了在美国肯塔基州举办的2016 HAI年度直升机展报道。本期生活方式板块的内容包括有巴塞尔钟表展, Nobu厨师的独家专访,以及美妙的迈阿密私飞之行。


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