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Tooting itself as a tea maker that honours holistic ecology and authenticity by involving itself in the entire production process – from the source, the farmers and the ecosystems around these farms to packing and marketing– Basao’s goal is to make equitable, clean and responsibly-sourced tea. With offerings including the typical Darjeeling, Oolong and Longjing, its exclusive mixes are impressively delicious and layered, such as the Traditional Smokey Bohea – an aromatic concoction that tastes of pine smoke, stone fruit and caramelised apple laced with, as the name suggests, smoke.自称尊重自然生态环境,并亲自参与整个生产过程,从追溯茶叶的来源、与农民建立关系、查看农场环境、以至包装和销售,佰朔茶廊的目标是提供公平、纯净和来自负责任来源的茶叶。除了一般的大吉岭红茶、乌龙茶和龙井,其独有的混合产品,比如烟熏武夷茶,拥有浓郁的松木烟熏、核果和焦糖苹果等的香味,甘甜味美而且层次丰富,令人印象深刻。

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