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Glenmorangie joins hands with 12 restaurants and bars in Hong Kong in a Sweet & Savory Pairing menu, available until the end of April. Four expressions – the 10 Year Old Original, 12 Years Old, as well as flagships Signet and Nectar D’OR – will be paired with farm-matured cheeses, Jamon Serrano Ham, salted caramel macaroon and Chocolate Craquelin across a number of esteemed outlets in the city, such as the Ritz Carlton The Lounge & Bar, new restaurants Bao Bei and Bitter & Sweets as well as The Woods, to name but a few.格兰杰与香港十二家高级酒吧食肆联手推出“Sweet & Savory Pairing”菜单,将咸甜美食与格兰杰美酒作完美配对,供应期至4月底。经典格兰杰、波特桶风味、以及旗舰品牌格兰杰稀印和苏玳桶风味四款精选威士忌,配以农夫芝士、白毛猪火腿、海盐焦糖马卡龙和特浓朱古力脆饼四款美食,在香港各个娱乐品味之地隆重登场,包括香港丽思卡尔顿酒店The Lounge & Bar、新餐厅Bao Bei和Bitter & Sweets、以及The Woods等等。

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