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Derived from the Latin word “primus”, meaning best, Primvs water is a new ultra low sodium Oligo-mineral water. Sourced from 800m-high uncontaminated mountains in Abruzzo, Primvs’s low content of nitrates and sodium is linked to better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. Aside from quality water, Primvs also offers balsamic vinegar aged up to 10 years, olive oil, pastas as well as pesto sauce made with traditional recipes dating from 1800.源于拉丁语“primus”, Primvs的意思是“最好的”。Primvs低钠淡矿泉水发掘于意大利中部阿布鲁佐大区海拔800米的未被污染山脉,硝酸盐和钠的含量低,有益心血管健康和有助降低血压。除了高品质的食水, Primvs还提供酿制了长达10年的意大利香醋、橄榄油、面食、以及采用自1800年以来的传统配方制作而成的香蒜酱。

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