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MB&F and clock manufacturer L’epée 1839 made Sherman, a holistic tank-treaded table clock shaped like a robot. Impressively, the mainspring barrel bridge extends down to support his tracks, movement spacers act as shoulders for the arms, and his eyes are bolt heads supporting the regulator: some of these movement plates and bridges also make up the skeleton and body of the robot. As well, the transparent brown mineral glass dome on Sherman’s head reveals his mechanical brain; his arms, meanwhile, can be twisted to any configuration and used to hold small items like a pen or his winding key. Though he can’t walk, his rubber caterpillar tracks can roll over the rugged terrain of a typical office desk. MB&F与座钟制造厂L’epée 1839合作开发坦克型小机械人座钟“雪曼”。 雪曼的主发条盖板向下延伸以支撑履带,机芯垫片发挥肩膀之于臂膀一般的功能,眼睛则是支撑调节器的螺丝钉头。机芯板与时计的夹板同时也构成了机器人的骨架与躯干。雪曼头上方的透明吹制水晶玻璃弧顶,展现了他的机械脑部构造。雪曼的臂膀能够调节至几乎各个角度,他的双手则可以用来固定物品,例如一支笔、或他的发条钥匙。尽管雪曼不会走路,但他的橡胶多关节轨道让他能够在一般办公桌不平整的桌面上移动。


After mooring in the ports of Cannes, Monte Carlo, Genoa and Portofino, Evo Yacht’s brand new EVO 43 made an appearance at the EVO 43 Roadshow, an event dedicated to luxury and Made In Italy panache. Reputed for its high-impact, chic and innovative solutions, the 13-metre day boat is designed and built entirely in Italy, featuring a digital-controlled expandable beach area: in less than 30 seconds, the bulwarks opens, transforming the cockpit into a 25sqm terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built-in deck chairs or a diving platform. Conceived and produced by Sea Engineering, its interiors and exteriors were designed by the Neapolitan Studio Tecnico Rivellini.在戛纳、蒙特卡洛、热那亚和波托菲诺港口停泊后, Evo游艇的新型号EVO 43在一项专门展示奢侈品和意大利制造的EVO 43路演活动中瞩目登场。以高性能、别致而创新见称,这款13米的游艇设计和制造完全在意大利完成,顶部设计了一个数字操控的可活动扩展平台,不用30秒,船身便会自动加长,化身为25平方米的露台,可以用来作为休息室、客厅、内置躺椅的阳光甲板、或者是跳台。由Sea Engineering构思和制作,由Neapolitan Studio Tecnico Rivellini负责游艇的内外设计。

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