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Celebrating singer Chris Lee Yu Chun’s decade in the business and Riccardo Tisci’s 10-year tenure at the brand, the designer debut a limited edition special Tyson sneaker, the Givenchy CL Sneaker. A bestseller given its unisex urban appeal, bold graphic design and refined sporty style, the revamped version plays with a white background and black printed letters that read “Why me Chris Lee” on the front strap, while the number 10 is printed on the back of the shoe to symbolise the decade celebration. The special edition will be available in Givenchy stores in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.为纪念李宇春开启演艺事业以及品牌创意总监Riccardo Tisci加入纪梵希之后的第一个精彩十年,这位设计师推出了以品牌经典鞋履Tyson Sneaker为原型的特别限量款Givenchy CL Sneaker球鞋。运动感十足又特立独行的Tyson Sneaker鞋款一经推出便迅速成为经典单品,男女适用。Givenchy CL Sneaker以百搭的白色为主色,脚踝绑带处印有黑色粗体的“Why me Chris Lee”,后跟处的黑色数字“10”字样则是对两人各自事业第一个十年的纪念。限量款Givenchy CL Sneaker在中国大陆及香港、台湾地区发售。


The Woolmark Company launches in Hong Kong Cool Wool, a not-for-profit enterprise owned by more than 24,000 woolgrowers that invest in research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool. Cool Wool – certified fabrics uses Merino wool fibres that are three-times finer than average human hair for an extra lightweight, breathable, elastic and comfortable garment suitable for all seasons, even during the hot and humid summers in the city. Impressively, the fabric is also UV protected, fire and odour resistant yet surprisingly elegant and versatile.国际羊毛局在香港推出Cool Wool酷羊毛系列。这家非牟利性的机构由超过24,000家羊毛生产商拥有,致力进行供应链研究、开发和营销,将澳大利亚羊毛推广至世界各地。获认证的Cool Wool酷羊毛采用比人类毛发精细三倍的美利奴羊毛纤维,制成超轻盈、透气度高、具弹力和舒适的服装,适合任何季节,即使是香港炎热潮湿的夏季也没有问题。而令人印象深刻的是,多功能的面料更可以防紫外线、防火、防异味,同时保持优雅时尚感。

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